— Valerie Lim

If it is one brand that has done an amazing job of marketing itself and elevating its status to the high street consumer, it is H&M.

The first ever H&M collaboration was with the legendary Karl Lagerfeld in November 2004 – a solid 10 years ago and a HUGE name to have been associated with. I wish I had an idea of fashion at the time to appreciate the collection.

Alexander Wang x H&M

Fast forward 10 years, H&M has had no lack of heavyweights in the collaboration line up. From Versace, Lavin to Jimmy Choo and just last year, Isabel Marant, this 10th year was the year of fashion’s golden boy, Alexander Wang.

Alexander Wang HM 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M was already hotly anticipated after 7 months of clever marketing – coy teasers were dropped (RiRi in Alexander Wang x H&M), sneaks allowed, I decided I actually wanted something from the collection simply for two reasons:

1) #allblackerrrything I have been wearing a lot of black recently and A.Wang’s collections are famed for being the color of Batman. Aside from that, he is also loved for his great tailoring and precise cuts.

2) Seeing the models clutching hockey sticks and having badass boxing gloves draped around their necks appealed to the adrenalin and fitness junkie in me. Looking cool while working out? Yeah, I would be down with that.

In truth, the sportswear collection was tailored to bring out the “warrior” in you. And as much as it was designed so, I was not as gung-ho as some of my other fashion peers to queue up at 4 in the morning for the collection.

I decided to try my luck the day after the collection was launched. I was in Bangkok at the time for the Bangkok International Fashion Week 2014 and decided to walk into Bangkok Central World’s H&M to see what was left.

Alexander Wang HM Boots

Sitting right at the top of the shoe pile were these beauties… in a size 39. I unabashedly whipped off my sandals and stuffed my foot into these scuba material boots and promptly marched to the cashier with these babies on my feet.

I could not have been happier.

Alexander Wang HM

And then, Christmas came early this year because the Alexander Wang x H&M short, jacquard-knit dress was a gift from the ever so fashionable Ines. In breathable, functional fabric with long sleeves, this skin-tight dress would go spectacularly with some body harnesses.

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Did you know that there is a luxurious haven up about 13,000 square feet in Mandarin Orchard? A place where you can gym comfortably, get personal training, take part in group exercises like yoga and pilates, go for a sauna AND even get facials and manicures?

Phillip Wain Health and Beauty Singapore

Yes, right in the heart of Singapore, I did not know that until I was headed to one of the restaurants at Mandarin Orchard and noticed the sign for Philip Wain Singapore. Located on level 7 of Mandarin Orchard is a spacious one-stop centre where women of all ages can indulge and seek respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Centre

I have always found it hard to find a proper place to “get away from it all” in town. When I am in between meetings, and have no intent of having my fifth cup of coffee, I can now simply pop into Phillip Wain to have a power workout, shower and a little me-time in the sauna. Aside from that, there is the in-house Phillip Wain health bar where I can grab a healthy smoothie as a meal replacement.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Health Centre

With everything under one roof, Phillip Wain is dedicated to taking care of a woman’s physical and emotional well-being.


I was invited to try out the gym and workout with one of Phillip Wain’s personal trainers. Going to Philip Wain was certainly an unforgettable experience. When the lift doors opened at level 7, and I entered slick doors to my very own private club! I was first greeted by the reception area which then opened into a vast lounge area. Behind that, the shower and locker rooms are the first places you will want to head to keep your personal belongings before your experience at Phillip Wain.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Gym Centre

To start my personal training session, I sat down with one of the trainers who went a thorough full body assessment. She took my height, weight, and also measured my body fat, water weight and muscle mass. I always enjoy looking at the statistics of my body because this is when I fully get an insight into my body composition.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Gym

Just by looking at my muscle composition, my trainer could identify which was my stronger side, where my muscles were tight and then, specifically the muscles that I needed to strengthen. Because I run regularly, my legs are stronger than my arms and it was recommended that I need to work on them. Aside from identifying problem areas and re-balancing your body, working with a personal trainer will help you reach your fitness and health goals. I always find it helpful to have an expert pair of eyes monitor my progress.

Conveying my goal of toning and firming up my muscles, the trainer took that in mind when she started my workout session.

Working out with the FlexiBar

I was introduced to the Flexi-Bar during the 1-hour personal training session. Phillip Wain is the FIRST fitness centre in Singapore to launch Flexi-Bar.

Phillip Wain Singapore Personal Trainer Fitness

The Flexi-Bar is a LOONNNNG workout device that is used to encourage core stability. To be honest, I have never seen anything like it! It is even taller than me. Haha. If I had to describe it, it is a long, thin bar with two weights at the end, made of natural rubber, and a rubber grip in the middle.

But instead of feeling intimidated by the device, the trainer explained to me that using the Flexi-Bar (vibrating and shaking it) helps to warm up and lengthen the muscles. It reinforces flexibility and strength. The Flexi-Bar is quite unique because it can be incorporated into ALL exercises – both warm up and strengthening.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness FlexiBar

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Workout

We first worked on my upper body and then made progress to working on my legs. Maintaining a lunge position and then having to shake the Flexi-Bar was no easy feat! Not only did it help to create instability in my body and work my muscles better; introducing instability really encouraged me to focus and tighten my core. The trainer explained that this was called a Tonic Stretch Reflex – where muscles are pushed out of equilibrium, thereby introducing new movement and encouraging small muscle groups to be activated. We tend to use our muscles the same way, so it is good to “jolt” them out of their “sleeping phase” to encourage growth. I had no idea how effective using the Flexi-Bar was!

Phillip Wain Fitness Singapore

Aside from the rigorous exercises, what I found helpful throughout the workout, was having the trainer encourage me as I struggled through my last sets and the fact that she would pay attention and watch my form throughout the entire workout. She would point out little things like if my hip moved or if I should correct my footing during the training. She was really sharp and could tell just by watching my movements that I needed to work on loosening my right hip flexor – a problem I have had for years now. Thumbs up for being able to detect that in just under an hour! At the end, she also walked me through the cool down and stretches to prevent any injury.

Phillip Wain Facilities

Philip Wain Singapore Food

Post work-out, I enjoyed a home-cooked soupy meal at the Phillip Wain health bar.

The entire area is and you can comfortably enjoy your meal. Then there are the showers… Oh yes, the showers. There is nothing like having a hot rain shower to relax those muscles after a workout. I thoroughly enjoyed the rain shower walked out of the shower and sauna room feeling like I was floating on a fluffy cloud. To fully decompress, you can head for a massage after your workout, and that is exactly what I did. Ahhhh…. I promptly fell asleep during the massage.

Soul starter package at $168

Membership fees at Phillip Wain are highly reasonable, especially for a one-stop health and beauty centre. Be a member and get access to the gym, massage, facial and manicure services.

For S$168, it includes the following:
– 1 Month unlimited fitness membership (you have access to all the group classes and unlimited access to the gym and sauna)
– Plus one of the following STAR treatments at Phillip Wain:
Face: SP 3D Platinum Revital Face Therapy (90min, worth $580) OR
Spa: Spa Retreat (choice of chocolate/red wine/ ginseng) (90min, worth $385)
– Complimentary body composition analysis

You also get 1 health juice bar health juice and a fee waiver on admin fee upon signing of 1 year membership. You can call 62500100 and quote “Valerie lim-PW168” for the above promotion.

Phillip Wain Singapore Fitness Gym Spa

This is the perfect treat for you or the girlfriend who wants to be pampered! Thank you Phillip Wain for taking care of all my beauty and health needs.

Phillip Wain location address
Mandarin Orchard,
Level 7 (access via lifts 6 and 7)
333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867

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Digital Fashion Week 2014 Singapore Bangkok
#allblackerrything inspired by Depression.

White shirt: H&M Singapore
Front split pants: innit Bangkok
Gladiator sandals: Stuart Weitzman
Silver chunky skull necklace: Anna K
Clutch: Bottega Veneta

Digital Fashion Week 2014 Singapore Bangkok
Keeping it casual cool.

White turtleneck: ASOS
Pleather swing skirt: ASOS
Grey cape blazer: Love, Bonito
Sunglasses: RayBans

Digital Fashion Week 2014 Singapore Bangkok
I picked up the Alexander Wang x H&M collection scuba booties in Bangkok’s Central World and could not wait to wear them at the Bangkok International Fashion Week 2014.

Pleated top: innit Bangkok
Black and white graphic pencil skirt: Love, Bonito
Sunglasses: RayBans
Clutch: Bottega Veneta

Digital Fashion Week 2014 Singapore Bangkok
So honored to have been dressed by some of the very talented Thai designers for the Bangkok International Fashion Week 2014 shows. Loving this minimalistic black and white dress which has a top that reminds me of a men’s tux.

Dress: Lakwilai Bangkok
Leopard print clutch: Dream Factory by Ines Ligron
Gold cuffs: Dream Factory by Ines Ligron
Heels: Schutz Brazil

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About Porcelain The Face Spa

I had the pleasure of hosting an event for Porcelain The Face Spa several months ago. It was a small intimate gathering and I got to understand the history of this luxurious brand a little better. Porcelain The Face Spa, is in fact, a home-grown Singaporean brand and has established itself as the two-time winner of the Best Beauty Spa in Asia Continent at the World Luxury Spa Awards. That is a great feat for a brand that is only about 5 years young! Clients love Porcelain for providing highly effective aesthetic and skin solutions to transform not only their appearance but also their overall state of mind. As a woman, there are days where my hair is a mess and I have a bad breakout. Feeling good about oneself DOES start from taking care of one’s appearance.

Porcelain The Face Spa Singapore

So at Porcelain, their philosophy is that good skin should be clear and radiant from within and they seek to treat the root of the problem. By allowing our skin to breathe, our skin can gain radiance naturally. No two skins are the same. At Porcelain, each treatment is customized specially according to the client’s skin condition.

The Porcelain Experience

Recently, I got to experience and understand why women love the Porcelain The Face Spa.

Porcelain The Face Spa Singapore
Its flagship branch, Porcelain, The Face Spa located at Cantonment Road offers facial treatments. The good news is they have opened a second branch, Porcelain Aesthetics at Orchard Gateway which offers a comprehensive menu of highly effective aesthetic treatments.

Porcelain Aesthetics Orchard Gateway Singapore

Making my way down to the newly open branch at Orchard Gateway, I was greeted by a sleek and sophisticated spa interior. Decked out in muted greys, whites and blacks, it was welcoming as it was elegant.

Porcelain Aesthetics Singapore Orchard Gateway

As mentioned earlier, Porcelain customises each treatment according to the client’s skin’s needs. So to determine the problem areas and the effectiveness of my treatment, therapist, Jacelyn, ushered me to the skin analysis area. She looked deep into the areas of moisture level, sebum production, skin elasticity, wrinkles, pores and pigmentation to determine where I needed the most help.

Porcelain Aesthetics Singapore Orchard Gateway Facial Review

Porcelain Aesthetics Singapore Orchard Gateway

After carefully reviewing my skin conditions, she kindly recommended their award-winning facial – the Proionic V-Shape Facial. This treatment helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, increase collagen and elastic fibre production for firmer and smoother skin. Because our skin is full of blood vessels under its surface, it made perfect sense to ensure that blood flow circulation to encourage skin radiance and health. Aside from the lymphatic drainage massage, there would also be a firming and hydrating treatment. The whole facial session would last a total of 75 minutes. Yay relaxing time!

Before I going into the review of the Proionic V-Shape facial, you will want to remember this promotion especially for my readers. Simply quote “Valerie Lim” to enjoy 50% discount off Proionic facial + complimentary skin analysis session worth $60. Valid for first-time customers.

The Proionic V-Shape Facial Treatment

Porcelain Aesthetics Singapore Proionic Facial Review

Before we started the facial, the therapist patiently explained to me that the Proionic Facial is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. I am not gonna lie and say that I have no worries about turning 30. So it was definitely good news to hear that the treatment would help prevent saggy and wrinkled skin and rejuvenate dull and fatigued skin. I certainly needed help with my fatigued skin after much travel and late nights.

The signature treatment of Porcelain Aesthetics utilises a unique patented 448kHz radio frequency technology to produce a ‘Proionic effect’. This facilitates the exchange of positive and negative ions in the skin cells to create a balanced state of ions, thereby giving you healthy cells. Delving into a little basic science here, but we all know that our cells are made up of positive and negative charges. Having our skin cells skewed too much in one charge can severely damage your skin condition and even caused unwanted cell growth.

Porcelain Proionic Facial Review

So it was during the lymphatic treatment, Jacelyn used a little heating wand to encourage lymphatic drainage and cell balance. She positioned the heating wand to the different lymph nodes and gently held it there for several seconds. It is normal to experience some heat similar to that of a heat pack on your skin. I asked about how It is similar to applying pressure to your lymph nodes to encourage them to open. Some skins may be sensitive to heat, and as a first timer, you may experience mild flushing on the face (similar to a sunburn look) but that quickly dissipates after a few hours.

The treatment rejuvenates and improves skin elasticity, boosting overall facial contours instantly for a younger-looking ‘V’-shaped face.

Overall, the treatment is relaxing and the sensation is similar to that of having a facial massage and it was so relaxing I almost dozed off and had to struggle to keep myself awake so I can document this experience and my results.


On a daily basis, our skin is exposed to dirt, dust and UV rays. Add to that, late nights and and stress, it was not hard to see that my skin was getting dull. But after the treatment, there was a radiance and luminosity on my skin I hadn’t seen in a while. The detoxification certainly helped!

Every woman should have some time to herself and indulge in a facial, it is one of the best things you can do to pamper and relax your mind. Not only did the Proionic facial uplift my mood and spirits, it also saw the lift most prominently around my jawline and was certain my jaw line was more defined.


You can see that on the right side of the picture, my skin is more taut and skin looks more firm than the left. Hello facial contour! My cheeks look fuller and cheekbones more prominent. Ha. I have a lopsided face in this photo. But Jacelyn quickly solved it by working on the other side of my face. More importantly, at the end, my skin was not as dull as when I first walked in. By opening the lymph nodes and draining the toxins from my skin, my skin was brighter and fairer immediately.

On top of that, the radio frequency technology has been proven to stimulate collagen production and increase elastin levels. The 448kHz radio frequency technology used by Porcelain Aesthetics is safe and gentle on the skin. Did you know that this signature Proionic facial can not only be done on the face, but also on the tummy, thighs, neck and décolletage too!

It is fantastic that you can see immediate results after just one session of the Proionic facial session. Based on that, can you imagine that what a course of treatment with the Proionic V-Shape Treatment will do for your skin long term? For optimal results, the therapists recommend an initial course of 6 to 8 sessions, thereafter the treatment can be done once a month as maintenance for long-lasting results.

Porcelain Aesthetics Proionic Facial

Porcelain Aesthetics Singapore Orchard Gateway

At the end of the treatment, to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me, the therapist did a review and captured an “after” snapshot of my skin. More importantly, this was to ensure consistency in measurement. The results showed great improvement in the moisture level and lesser pigmentation. HOORAY!

Porcelain Aesthetics Singapore Orchard Gateway

If you are looking for a skin-lifting facial that will help reserve the signs of ageing and promote collagen growth, the Proionic Facial Treatment (S$380 subject to GST) is one you have to try. Make sure you talk to the friendly beauty therapists who can also advise you on the packages available. And make sure you quote my name “Valerie Lim” to receive 50% off your first facial and a complimentary skin analysis!

Stay beautiful ladies.

Proionic Facial is available at
Porcelain Aesthetics
227 Orchard Road
Orchard Gateway #03-13
Singapore 238858
Tel: 6227 9692


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The Singapore arm of the Digital Fashion Week has come to a close! It has been a whirlwind weekend of being surrounded by wonderful creations from the various designers. Being part of the #DFWInsiders has been incredible, I have met the most incredible bunch of bloggers and influencers from all over the world. Watching the shows with them, goofing off and then meeting the talented designers, has been eye-opening and very humbling.

I have uploaded most of the show highlights on my Instagram (@msvalerielim), but you can also watch the video highlights put together by the Digital Fashion Week Singapore crew.

Day 1 – MAX.TAN SPRING SUMMER 2015 featuring YOUYOU and IN GOOD COMPANY CAPSULE 5 presented by The Body Shop

Highlights include the oldest working supermodel Carmen Dell O’refice walking for Max Tan.


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If you have been following my Instagram (@msvalerielim) and Twitter (@valerie__lim), you will know that I was very privileged to be one of the 25 DFWInsiders for the recent Digital Fashion Week 2014. There were other bloggers from around the region and local Nuffnang Singapore Bloggerati members.

Digital Fashion Week DFW Insider

Prior to the shows, the DFWInsiders got to shot our profile pictures at Hotel Jen – a brand new hotel located very conveniently at Orchard Gateway. For the shoot, I got to wear one of the runway pieces from Pauline Ning’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Digital Fashion Week DFW Insider

It was last year during 2013’s Digital Fashion Week that I was introduced to Pauline Ning and I was so happy to see her back again in this year’s designer showcase. This year, for her new collection, she drew on inspiration from atheleisure (athletic-leisure). The piece that I wore was cleverly based off a swimsuit and matched perfectly the pool setting at Hotel Jen.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

Make up wise, I used the newly launched Urban Decay Pulp Picture Palette. Inspired by the badass Mrs Mia Wallace and to commemorate the film’s 20th anniversary, the Pulp Fiction palette is currently retailing at all Sephora Singapore outlets for $52.

This palette five shades of eyeshadow including RIGHTEOUS (light cream matte), TYRANNY (warm brown matte), VENGEANCE (deep taupe-brown matte-satin), FURIOUS (white satin), and ANGER (black satin with slight tonal sparkle). The palette is simple and basic yet edgy just like Pulp Fiction’s main character Mrs Mia Wallace. I loved the smooth and velvety texture of the shadows.

Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette

Wearing the make up, I tried channeling the cool vibe for my photoshoot. How do you think I did?

Digital Fashion Week DFW Insider

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