21 Jul 14

Sephora Haul – Eyeliner Swatches

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The Sephora Beauty boxes always come packed with wonderful goodies that never fail to delight and surprise. The month before, it came chock full of Stila Metallic Eyeshadows. This month, it was full to the brim with eyeliners. A girl can never have too many eyeliners; it is THE make up product that every girl should have.

I picked up 3 of the newest eyeliners from the beauty block and decided to test them out.

Sephora Singapore The Beautiful Ones

Benefit Cosmetics Push Up Eyeliner
Not only does Benefit Cosmetics have the cheekiest names for their makeup products, they come in innovative and unique packaging. Gel liner in the form of a pen? Definitely a winner in my books. No need to carry the little gel pot and its accompanying brush for touch-ups.

Benefit Cosmetics Push Up Eyeliner

I love gel eyeliners for their smooth consistency and easy to handle texture. The Benefit Cosmetics Push-Up Liner does all of that and more. Using it gives you a thick, bold line and the effect of bigger and bolder eyes, all thanks to the little rubber tip (see above) that ejects the gel in a flat pancake style.

Sephora Singapore Benefit Eyeliner Push Up Swatch

The rubber tip is soft against the eye yet controls the gel distribution well, making it the easiest of the 3 eyeliners I reviewed to achieve a thick eye line. As with most gel liners, the Benefit Cosmetics Push-Up Liner gives a matte line. The eyeliner won’t budge simply by rubbing it with your fingers. Removal with a gentle eye make up remover is highly recommended.

The Benefit Push-Up Liner is now my go-to eyeliner. Definitely the perfect eyeliner for portability and wearability.

Sephora Singapore Benefit Eyeliner Push Up Swatch

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marc’er

Marc Jacobs Beauty recently landed on Singapore shores to much fanfare. This is the first of the Marc Jacobs Beauty line that I have laid my hands on.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marcer

I love the name the fact that the name of the eyeliner is a play on the Marc Jacobs name – Magic Marc’er. Opening the cap, I find a felt tip with a sharp nib that is great for creating a winged tip – the felt tip Magic Marc’er produces a fairly thin eye line.

Sephora Singapore Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marcer

You’ll need some skill with this felt tipped eyeliner to draw the perfect line and several repeated attempts to get a thick line.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Marcer Swatch

But I love how it gives a more subtle and delicate look to the eye.

Dior Addict IT Line Eyeliner

Dior Addict IT Line Eyeliner

Out of the three eyeliners, this one was the most difficult to use simply because it was full liquid. You’ll need deft hands and patience as you wait for the Dior Addict liquid liner to dry.

Sephora Singapore Dior Addict IT Line Swatch

On top of that, I found the liner consistency watery and the intensity of the liquid liner “ran out” towards the end. Your winged liner tip will thus be lighter and faded in comparison to the rest of the line. It might be wise to layer this eyeliner over another darker and intense one.

Dior Addict IT Line Eyeliner

As much as I didn’t like the use of the Dior Addict IT Line, the packaging was my favourite out of the 3 liners in this review. I’ve used the Dior Addict Lip Glosses before and I love how this IT Line eyeliner stayed true to its Dior Addict packaging roots.

Final Verdict?

Newbies will find the Benefit Push-up Liner and the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er the easiest of the lot to use and achieve the perfect line. With easy to control consistencies and lasting power, if you’re looking to purchase a new eyeliner, these two eyeliners should be at the top of your shopping list.

Sephora Singapore locations:

Sephora ION Orchard Shopping Mall
2 Orchard Turn #01-05
Singapore 238801

Sephora Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road #B1-05
Singapore 238873

Sephora Great World City
Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade #01-59
Singapore 237994

Sephora Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue #B2-32
Singapore 018956

Sephora Plaza Singapura
Plaza Singapura,
68 Orchard Road, #01-56/57
Singapore 238839

20 Jul 14

Kiehl’s Celebrates 10 Years in Singapore

beauty | Posted on 20 July 2014

Happy Birthday Kiehl’s Singapore!

Kiehls Singapore 10th Anniversary

Kiehl’s, the venerable New York based purveyor of fine quality products started 163 years ago in 1851. Today in Singapore, the generous brand celebrates its TENTH year.

Did you know that their first store in Singapore was at Scotts Square – Scotts Shopping Centre in 2004? From lowering their prices to continuously giving out free samples, Kiehl’s has certainly come a long way with a ubiquitous presence all over Singapore.

Kiehls Singapore 10th Anniversary Truck

To celebrate their 10 years of service in Singapore, Kiehl’s is launching their first ever Kiehl’s Ultra Generous Truck. Look out for this truck coming your way! It’s KIEHL’S ON WHEELS – a moving store that will bring the original New York experience to the neighbourhoods.

You can head on down to the other Kiehl’s Ultra Generous Trucks at
20 July – Vivo City
12 – 9pm

21 / 22 July – One Raffles Place
10am – 3pm

25-27 July – Cineleisure
2 – 10pm

Kiehls Calendyla Herbal Extract Toner Olivia Ong Limited Edition

Kiehl’s has always had a philosophy of giving back to society. They have previously collaborated with local Singaporean celebrities to support the Autism Association of Singapore.

So, this year to celebrate their 10th year in Singapore, Kiehl’s is collaborating with Singaporean songstress Olivia Ong to create a limited edition set of the Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. I bagged one of the limited edition masques home. Yay! The products designed by Olivia Ong is in support of the Garden City Fund for National Parks Board Singapore.

Kiehls Singapore Customer Favourite Products

In the Kiehl’s Ultra Generous Truck, there are a whole bunch of activities you can engage in.
1) View and sample the Kiehl’s top 10 customer favourites that have been loved by men, women and celebrities alike.
2) View the art creations contributed by Olivia Ong and 7 other personalities – XiaXue, Keith Png, Pornsak, Yutaki James, Larry Yeo, G.T Gan, Soh Ee Shaun
3) Join the charity initiative by contributing a simple drawing on the spot – Kiehl’s will donate $5 per drawing to the Garden City Fund
4) Take a #selfie with the trucks and speak the love with #KiehlsUltraGenerous on Facebook and Instagram and stand a chance to take home a Kiehl’s Top 10 Customer Favourite Hamper worth $450!

I got to take home some of my very favourite Kiehl’s products after visiting the Kiehl’s Ultra Generous Truck and Vivo City store.

Kiehls Singapore Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Olivia Ong

The Kiehl’s Skin Brightening Exfoliator is great for daily use – gentle and thorough at the same time. Stocking up on my Deep Pore Cleansing Masque.. This time with the limited edition one designed by Olivia Ong! Lastly, I decided to try out the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to control my oily scalp.

Thank you for your generosity Kiehl’s!

Cheers to many more birthdays in Singapore, Kiehl’s!

Fashionistas who have been visiting Hong Kong for their fashion fix will rejoice.

H&M’s sleeker and higher-end sister, COS, opens in Singapore.

COS stands for Collection of Style. COS was first brought to my attention when I visited Hong Kong. I was told it is the perfect place for clean cut staples and work appropriate basics, so my heart stopped a beat when I saw this brightly lit store and glowing signage.

Collection of Style Singapore ION Orchard

The store front and interior of COS Singapore clearly reflect the COS philosophy: minimal, functional and simple. The palette of COS’s collection hardly deviate much from black, white, navy and grey, although you might spy with your little eye a hint of forest green in this current collection.

COS Singapore 2014

COS Singapore

Prices of COS are on the higher end of the scale in comparison to fast-moving H&M. Tops start from $29 upwards while bottoms are a minimum of $50. Expect at least $69 and up for dresses.

In mathematical formula, prices of H&M < COS < Zara.

While COS Singapore in ION Orchard officially opens in November, you can still visit the store at ION Orchard and its second outlet at Westgate.

COS Singapore
ION Orchard,
2 Orchard Turn,
Singapore 238801

Will COS give Zara a run for its money? Let’s wait and see.

9 Jul 14

Atorrege AD+ Singapore

beauty, Reviews | Posted on 9 July 2014

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Most people with acne and eczema will be quite familiar with Atorrege AD+ – this little magic bottle has been the cure to many acne problems.

Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots
Atorrege AD+ Acne Spot treatment

Atorrege AD+ first found its fame in the 1980s. Many patients in Japan were suffering from dry skin disease and some even developed eczema. A group of nurses found the solution when they came across “mugwort”.

Mugwort Plant
Photo from Wikipedia

This mugwort plant contains essential oils and has been used in traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicine since the beginning of history. The plant can be used fresh on its own, or heated to release the powerful essential oils. It has unique healing properties that enable it to treat a wide variety of health issues.

It was no wonder the above-mentioned nurses from Kyoto, Japan thus self-formulated some lotion using this powerful little plant for their patients to ease their skin disease. The potent liquid became popular because of its efficacy.

Atorrege AD+ Singapore Products

After many years of research and formulation improvements, Atorrege AD+ was finally launched to treat urban skin diseases due to changes in environment and unhealthy living habits. The range includes Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots, Cool lotion, Skin Treatment and Moist & Calming Mask, so regardless of whatever your skin condition, you will be able to find a product that will help with your skin’s needs.

Short for Atopic Dermatitis Advance Formula, Atorrege AD+ is a safe, high performing skincare range that incorporates 2 key ingredients – Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Extract) and Soybean. These two natural ingredients play a big role in the efficiency of AD+ products enabling deep penetration. Witch Hazel inhibits free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin while soybean promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin. These natural herbal extracts combined with innovative nanotechnology make the Atorrege AD+ range of products ideal for today’s sensitive skin.

Furthermore, because the products are perfect for treating skin conditions, you can be sure that it is safe for use on sensitive skin. Atorrege AD+ guarantees that with their 5 safety assurances:
- No Fragrance
- No Colourants
- No Parabens
- Allergy tested
- Internal cellular tested

Now let me get into the product range and let you know my experiences.

First is the Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots(S$59 for 10ml). This is an incredible product that not only helps heal pimp and acne scars, but also prevents acne outbreak. This anti bacteria product reduces the redness and inflammation of affected areas with scarring and marks. In fact, Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots even won the Editor’s Choice in the Her World Awards 2014 for Best Acne treatment. Given the vast array of products on the market in this space, this is a huge achievement!

Atorrege AD+ Singapore Acne Spots

What is unique even before you use the product is the design of the bottle. With the easy to use dropper, it is cleverly designed for ease of use with long nails. I know I have struggled to open other skincare products in bottles or jars, but this Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots bottle is so easy to open. Next is the hygiene factor of the application, there is no direct contact between product and the affected areas keeping your Atorrege AD+ product fresher for longer.

Atorrege AD+ Cool Lotion

Second is the Atorrege AD+ Cool lotion (S$69 for 150ml). This is an alternative for oil blotter because it controls sebum. This soothing lotion instantly helps to relieve redness and irritations by suppressing and controlling acne bacteria and subsequent outbreaks. It is recommended to use together with Acne Spot for a full treatment regime.

Atorrege AD+ Review Cool Lotion

For optimum results, I would recommend spraying it on your skin every 4 hours. The main benefit of the Cool lotion is acne control. I tried this lotion on some annoying skin redness when I developed a pimple and loved how it cooled my skin down and reduced the inflammation.

Third is the Atorrege AD+ Skin Treatment(S$79 for 100ml). Now this is my personal favorite as it not only strengthens with skin collagen and elastin, but also prevents free-radicals and UV damage (up to 80%). The repairing function is also fantastic as Skin Treatment also lightens dark spots and pigmentations while refining skin texture.

Atorrege AD+

If you have normal skin like me, this Atorrege AD+ Skin Treatment is the perfect product to include in your daily skin routine. It boosts your skin metabolism and elasticity and restores your skin radiance with collagen with aging.

Atorrege AD+ Skin Treatment Lotion

I like to use Atorrege AD+ Skin Treatment both in the morning after my regular skin routine and just before I go to bed at night. Simply pat a 50-cent coin sized amount of product into the palm of your hands and spread liberally. This Atorrege AD+ product is highly suitable for sensitive skin because it does not dry out or sting your skin.

This 100ml bottle of the Atorrege AD+ Skin Treatment only retails for S$79. Double YAY for being travel sized!

Fourth is the Atorrege AD+ Moist Damp; Calming Mask (5 sheets for S$79). These are a joy to use as once I put on a mask, I can instantly feel the soothing and hydrating effect, helping with any sensitive, inflamed or dry skin.

Atorrege AD+ Facial Masks

Not only do these masks make your skin instantly bringer and more radiant after use, these masks are unique is that they are 100% organic cotton fibre that is bacteria-free and paraben-free. Other brands in the current market just use sheet mask, so this quality material does add a bit to the price but there is a world of difference when you use Atorrege AD+ masks.

Atorrege AD+ Featured Products

In summary, these four products are just wonderful and complement each other. The Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots and Cool lotion is for acne treatment and control, while Atorrege AD+ Skin treatment and Mask are for more for skin nourishment.

The Atorrege AD+ range of products can be found at selected Watsons, Guardian, Robinson, John Little, BHG, OG and 21st Century Beauty Spa with prices between S$49 – S$159.

What is even better is that we have the Great Singapore Sale, so Atorrege AD+ products are going at fantastic prices. Hello shopping! The promotions are as follows:

20% discount on ALL Atorrege AD+ products at Raffles City Robinsons!
Promotion valid till 13 July

Aside from Raffles City Robinsons, Atorrege AD+ products are also available at 21st Century Beauty Spa! 21st Century Beauty Spa provides Atorrege AD+ Facial at the price of $158 and if the customer spends a minimum of $100 in a single receipt on Atorrege AD+ or other Betime product, they will entitle a 1 year Membership with 21st Century Beauty Spa and will receive a first- trial Atorrege AD+ facial at $38.

AD+ FaceBook 500x500

Four lucky winners who like and share the above image on Atorrege AD+ Facebook Page will receive a gift hamper up to $108.90 and an Atorrege AD+ facial voucher $58 (total worth $158). Head on over to the Facebook page for more information

1) Like and share the Atorrege AD+ Facebook page and specific post
2) Comment on the specific post with which items you prefer (Acne Spot, Skin Treatment, Cool Lotion or Mask)

Example: Liked and Shared – Skin Treatment VALERIE

4 winners will be selected and given the items according to their preferences! Yay! You can even reference how the other users on the Atorrege AD+ Facebook page do it.

Good luck and have fun!

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Marathon Runner

Can you imagine finishing a race and raising your arms in victory only to have unsightly underarm hair take the spotlight instead? GROSS!

As an avid runner and gym rat, I am always in shorts and sleeveless tops. The LAST thing I want is unsightly hair peeking out from all angles when I am stretching or lifting weights. Add to that, sweltering heat plus endless perspiration and you have the prefect breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria. Keeping clean is not just about being vain – it is about basic hygiene and common courtesy!

Ginza Calla Singapore Plaza Singapura

Whether it is shaving my legs or bikini areas, I have countless war stories where instead of coming out of the bathroom with smooth, hair-free legs, I emerge marked with cuts from battling a hand-held razor. This is especially true when I travel. I never carry a razor in my hand-held luggage because I simply buy a cheap razor from the supermarket. That, however, is also the easiest way to look like you got caught in a catfight or ran through the jungle in shorts.

No beautiful woman should have unwanted hair problems.

The best way to avoid all these unwanted hair problems is the tackle it at the root… Literally!

Ginza Calla Singapore IPL

I recently discovered the wonderful technology of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments. After I went for my first session at Ginza Calla, I asked myself WHY I have subjected myself to the pain of plucking and shaving all these years.

The benefits of IPL include:

1) no more in-grown hair
2) no more dark pits
3) smooth and soft skin
4) painless removal

If you are new to the concept of IPL, you’ll want to know that it stands for Intense Pulse Light. Basically, it is the use of a high-powered, direct beam of light on a specific wavelength to target a single condition – in this case the root of the hair.

Ginza Calla Singapore Plaza Singapura

To understand how IPL works, you will have to know the different stages of hair growth. I won’t completely explain it here because the experts at Ginza Calla will do a better job providing clarity during the thorough consultation. Just to help you have an idea of how it works, have a look at this diagram.

IPL Hair Removal Review

What to do before your first IPL treatment:

Don’t shave, then shave! Leave your hair to grow for about 3 to 4 days before treatment, and then shave it the day before.

DO NOT PLUCK THE HAIR. The key thing is to leave the root of the hair in its place.

It generally takes a series of treatments to see the best results, perhaps three to six treatments, usually a month apart.

IPL is highly safe for all skin types (psst! IPL was previously used to treat broken capillaries too) you can undergo IPL treatment on ALMOST ANY PART OF YOUR BODY. Whether you love your bikinis (VIO line), denim shorts (legs and knees), or sexy back tops (back IPL), IPL is around to prevent you from looking like a fur ball.

Ginza Calla has cleverly separated the body parts based on their size for easy reference. RED = small part, BLUE = big part. Treatment on the small parts can take anywhere from 15 minutes to about 30 minutes, while IPL on big body parts usually range from an hour to sometimes 3 hours.


IPL is also safe for use on the face. Ladies, make your make up stay longer and keep yourself mustache-free by opting for the Ginza Calla IPL treatment on the upper lip.

What are the Ginza Calla Packages?

At Ginza Calla, you can sign up for the $40 unlimited under-arm promotion OR V-line (bikini) promo from now till 31st July. A ridiculously low price to pay for a life-time of hair-free parts.

Why are the prices so competitive? That’s because Ginza Calla has a HUGE following of over 300,000 women through its 35 stores that span across Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong! With 21 years of experience in the industry, is an established Japanese Hair Removal Specialist. These ladies trust Ginza Calla for their hair removal needs.

Ginza Calla Singapore IPL

If you’re a beach bunny, you’ll be happy to know that aside from the S$40 V-line (front bikini line) that is on offer, the VIO plan (everything up to your between your bum) is going at an unbeatable price of $1680 for 12 sessions. You can use this plan on any other 3 parts of your choice for smooth, hair-free nether regions.

And JUST FOR MY READERS, Ginza Calla is offering 2 exclusive plans for you! YIPEEEE! There are two options you can pick from.

1) Fitness Hottie Pack
Get baby-smooth soft skin as you remove hair from your entire body.

- Full body 3 times: $1588 (U.P $5610)
- 22 Body Parts: Underarm/ Navel/ Neckline/ Knee/ Below Navel/ Chest/ Hands&Fingers/ Nipples/ Stomach/ Feet&Toes/ Waist/ Upper V/ Thigh/ Upper Back/ Lower Leg/ Lower Back/ V-line/ Upper Arm/ Hip/ Inner/ Thigh/ Lower Arm/ O-line
- Free bottle of Bihada-junbi

2) Gym Bunny Pack
Workout hard and smart when you have your underarms free of hair.

- Unlimited V-Line & Under Arm: $288
- Free bottle of Bihada-junbi

Both of these packages come with a bottle of Ginza Calla’s specially formulated “magic water”, Bihada-junbi. The Japanese are always meticulous and careful about after-care, they thus developed Bihada-junbi to promote “Tsuru-Puru” (silky-supple) skin, much like a baby’s.

Ginza Calla Bihada-junbi Baby Skin

And you get to bring home a bottle when you sign up for either the FITNESS HOTTIE IPL PACK or GYM BUNNY PACK because Ginza Calla wants to make sure you maintain soft and supple skin even after you leave their premises.

Ginza Calla Singapore Plaza Singapura Outlet

Keep your V-line vacant.

The deals are even better when you sign up with a friend.

Ginza Calla has a B.F.F campaign where both you and your friend will benefit when you both sign up for plans over $500.

1) You will receive immediately a S$150 in-house credit voucher
2) Both you and your B.F.F will EACH receive 6 FREE sessions of a small part treatment (worth $150)

So many people are turning to IPL treatments to get rid of unwanted hair because it is effective and the whole process is painless, easy and fuss-free. On top of that, the packages are incredibly reasonable!

Ginza Calla Develops Its Own IPL Machine

What is special at Ginza Calla is the proprietary IPL machine they have; trust the innovative Japanese to develop it in-house. This machine is unique to all Ginza Calla outlets. Unlike traditional IPL machines used elsewhere, each shot of IPL from Ginza Calla sends out 5 pulses of light, compared to 3 pulses. That’s 150% more effective than normal IPL lights!

Aside from fast and effective hair removal, Ginza Calla’s other priority is to take care of your skin. Both BEFORE AND AFTER your IPL treatment, the therapist applies Bihada-junbi generously all over your treatment area.

The heat from the IPL treatment can sometimes be very drying on the skin. But using a spray, they apply this magic location to the skin to ensure that the skin stays well-hydrated. Bihada-junbi is made up of collagen, Vitamin C and plant extracts.

Bihada-junbi Ginza Calla Singapore

This is the Bihada-junbi machine.

It gently sprays the magic lotion onto your skin as you relax in the Ginza Calla therapy room. The machine is also equipped with a proprietary high-pressure jet spray, which is used to deliver the Bihada-junbi to the deeper layers of the skin, giving you longer-lasting hydration.

Treatment Review

With soft dim lighting, fluffy towel and a comfortable robe, you rest in a lying bed as you begin your treatment. As I mentioned earlier, at Ginza Calla, the therapists first spray the magic lotion, Bihada-junbi all over your treatment area. The lotion is so cooling and feels extremely good on the skin! In fact, it is so relaxing you will most likely fall asleep if the treatment is anything more than 45 minutes.

Ginza Calla Review Singapore

Just 2 weeks ago, I did the IPL treatment on my leg and about 15 minutes into the treatment, I was already fast asleep! I did not wake up until the therapist cooed at me to turn over – she needed to work on my shins.

You feel absolutely nothing when the therapist puts the IPL light to your skin. The cooling gel and Bihada-junbi do an amazing job of protecting the surface of your skin. And unlike my battles with the hand-held razor, I left the room feeling relaxed, happy and with skin so soft to the touch.

Now that we are into the hottest summer of the year, the opening of Ginza Calla cannot be more timely. Thank you Ginza Calla for the wonderful painless experience! Visit Ginza Calla’s first outlet the following address and location:

Ginza Calla
Plaza Singapura, #04-55
Singapore 238839

For IPL appointments or enquiries, call 6238 8850

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We are all aware of the famous quote from Mahatma Ghandi.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Mahatma Ghandi You must be the change you wish to see in the world

On the 30th of May, this phrase is particularly significant because it is Kindness Day SG!

What is the Kindness Day SG you ask? Well, we are all born with kindness and compassion, and the Kindness Day SG is a day in Singapore dedicated to all of us to celebrate kindness. It is a day where we remember to perform kind acts wherever we are, regardless of who we meet.

The theme for Kindness Day SG this year is “A Nation of Kindness starts with ONE”. It resonates very well with Ghandi’s famous quote. TOGETHER we can create the society we want, when we each take the effort to be thoughtful and mindful of others and their feelings.

For me, kindness is simple. It includes daily acts like wishing a stranger good morning, smiling to the barista serving me coffee or even just making small talk with a taxi driver. Sometimes it could even be a barista being cheeky and funny! Look what I found on my coffee cup the other day!

Kindness Day SG 2014

I laughed out loud when I saw that. Gestures like this, show that the other party paid attention. Showing kindness is a way of telling another person you value them as an individual and respect them. In the office, leaving a funny note for a colleague is a simple act of kindness that is sure to cheer anyone up.

Kindness Day SG 2014

We encounter acts of kindness on a daily basis. I’ve personally encountered occasions where the bus driver waits in the bus bay an extra two seconds because he saw me running for the bus. Thanks to his kindness, I managed to get on the bus and make it to my destination early. I’ve also witnessed a commuter on the bus who pressed the bell to stop the bus from leaving for someone else who was also running for the bus.

Whenever I can, I pass it on to someone in need. Just a couple of weekends ago, I decided to pass it on and help some teenagers out with their flag day.

2014 Kindness Day Singapore

Another example of kindness is simply paying a compliment to someone. When the compliment is least expected, it is always most welcome.

Communication has been made so much easier thanks to social media. And especially on such a fast moving platform, we need to be extra kind and thoughtful while using these networks. Let’s try and be more kind to each other even though we are behind the screens. The best way would be to share and spread kindness by noting down the acts of kindness and experiences with others on Instagram and Twitter! Not only does it 1) cheer up the person reading, it also 2) inspires others and gives them ideas on the different ways to make someone’s day. You can use hashtags such as #kindness #Singapore #NationOfKindness #KindnessDaySG #makesomeonesday to tag your post so that more people can read and be inspired!

Oh did I mention that just by sharing you can take part in the Singapore Kindness Movement contest? Simply hashtag #kindnessdaysg on Instagram when you post photos or videos related to kind acts that you experienced and witnessed and you can WIN fantastic prizes!

Kindness Day SG 2014

Prizes are Ripples lunch totes filled with Kindness Day SG premiums! Including the Kindness Day SG flower badges seen above. The official flower of the Kindness Day SG is the yellow gerbera daisy. It is easily recognisable as a symbol of appreciation.

If you need ideas on how to capture and promote general kindness, the Singapore Kindness Movement has kindly put together a kindness starter kit for everyone! Go download it!

There are also festivities at Clarke Quay on Kindness Day SG!

Venue – Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay
Date – Friday, 30 May 2014 (last Friday of May)
Time – 7pm to 10pm
Ticket – $10 [includes one free drink (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) and a goodie bag worth $25]

All ready and equipped to spread joy and kindness to people around you? Now, let’s do our part to be the change we want to see in the world. Be kind, spare a thought.

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