BEAUTY: Updates on the Eucerin 30-Day Challenge

BEAUTY: The 30-Day Eucerin Challenge Update

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Remember my blog entry about the Eucerin 30-Day Challenge?

Eucerin Beauty Blog Post











I uploaded onto the blog my first thoughts and impressions about starting the 30-day Eucerin Challenge. Before this update post, I also posted updates about my progress with the Eucerin 30-Day Challenge on Instagram HERE.

If you have forgotten, this challenge is done yearly and I decided to join this year to take my skin care to the next level.

Why 30-days? With skincare, you need at least 2 weeks to a month to be able to get your skin to stabilize. Our skin is very resilient thing. It has a natural defense mechanism and tries to remedy itself in whatever situation. Interestingly, what it does in response to the absence of hydration is over-produce sebum. This is the skin’s way of trying to “hydrate” itself.

But de-hydrated skin is not limited to the cold countries. Spending long hours in an air-conditioned room can dry out your skin and strip it of moisture.

The key to supple happy skin? Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Eucerin DermoPURIFYER

There are 3 key steps to fresh and clean skin that I covered in my previous Eucerin blog post.

But the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water is my lifesaver. In my first post, I mentioned that this unique product has 3 wonderful benefits.

1) Gently removes make-up and impurities
2) Reduces acne
3) Moisturizes with Hyaluronic Acid

Actually they should add one more benefit, refreshes and energizes skin. I absolutely love using the Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water as a toner when my skin is feeling tired and dull. Aside from using it first thing in the morning (after brushing my teeth of course) and just before going to bed, I have also incorporated using the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water as a skin pick-me-up mid day.

It is so crucial to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin well daily. In the long run, too much sebum on your skin surface causes outbreaks and acne inflammation. Your skin is angry and unhappy when its pores are clogged. Imagine your skin being stuffed up daily, of course you would be unhappy and grumpy!


Acne Problem

I received comments on my Instagram posts that many of you already use the Eucerin range on a daily basis! As you already know, the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range is effective in reducing acne symptoms.

To be very honest, I do not remember being plagued by acne when I was younger. I did, however, witness what it did to my younger brother, Jeremy. He was a little shy and awkward because of his skin condition and he always had to be very careful selecting the right kind of skin care regime. I remember watching as my mom did all she could to help him overcome the acne. It not only caused stress for Jeremy, but for my mom too.

Past adolescence, Jeremy is free of acne but there is some visible scarring. Occasionally, he does get inflamed pimple or so but I am so glad he is past that stage now.

The closest I can imagine what he went through is when I see the dermatologist and he says, “Oh you have faint acne scarring just by your jaw line…” it is hard not to bristle and feel a little self-conscious and worried. If that is how I feel just by having a doctor tell me about the SCARS I have, I can only imagine the self-esteem issues my brother had to deal with as a teen – the mix of emotions would have been many times amplified mine.

Skin Improvement After using Eucerin

My skin before

Eucerin Skincare Before







What I was hoping to achieve by using the Eucerin DermoPURIFYER range during this time was
reduced sebum production – measured by how oily and shiny my T-zone becomes during the day
visibility of my pores on the cheeks, chin and forehead

My skin after

Eucerin Skincare After







As I mentioned, I use the Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water 3 times a day. Since I started last month, my skin is calmer, and definitely less oily. My T-zone does not get shiny mid-way through the day and my skin are definitely less visible.

I remember one period when my pores were sooo enlarged even a facial at my regular dermatologist didn’t do much to help reduce the pore size. My skin was constantly oily and skin tone had also darkened.

Now, there is a subtle glow from happy, hydrated skin. I am so thankful that with clear skin, the time spent on applying make up has reduced to about 7 minutes! Some days I even leave the house without foundation because my skin feels free and happy!

Thank you Eucerin!

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Skincare


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PANDORA: Express Your Essence

Before the advent of Instagram, Facebook or even cameras, people used a very different method to keep track of their significant life events – they made tokens to remember their life events. In 700 B.C the Babylonians became the first culture known to have worn charm bracelets – little icons that they hung on their wrists or around their necks.


Personally, I like to record my meaningful events via my blog, Dayre and Instagram. When I travel, I pick up a little souvenir or two for myself and for my family to remember the places I have been. 


With my recent engagement and upcoming wedding planning, this PANDORA ESSENCE bracelet could not have come at a better time. It is a wonderful way for me to commemorate the special moments in my life and remind myself of the values I hold dear.


Pandora Charm Bracelet

PANDORA asked me to pick three charms from the ESSENCE Collection to begin documenting my memories. I looked through the ESSENCE Spring/Summer 2015 catalogue. Of the many values, and in light of recent events in my life, I naturally picked the Love charm first.

Made of a sweet pink moonstone, this charm not only reminds me how loved and blessed I am by my family, friends and fiancé, it also tells me to put my heart into the things I do. You MUST love what you do and do what you love. Working in a fashion startup, things can get tough. But I love the job and the challenges that come with it. Loving what you do daily – that for me is the key to happiness.

“When things shift, readjust to find yourself”

Pandora Essence Bracelet

Speaking of happiness, the next charm that I wanted to pick was Happiness. Instead, I decided to pick Balance instead. I figure that my PANDORA ESSENCE Bracelet would be all the things that make me happy.

When it comes to making decisions, I like to ensure balance is present. Balance work with play. Balance a cheat meal with healthy eating – yes, I still have my fast food moment. French fries and chips are my weakness, but I balance it with daily healthy eating and a juice detox once every couple of months. I balance positive with negative because there are always two sides to a coin.

With all that in mind, it is apt that the PANDORA Balance charm is the ancient symbol of Yin and Yang, and is encrusted with sparkling clear and black cubic zirconia.

PANDORA Balance Charm

When I looked at the charm, aside from the dainty crystals on the Balance charm, I was delighted to find that all PANDORA charms have the value it represents engraved on its side. How thoughtful! Not only are the charms beautifully crafted, they certainly put a lot of effort into ensuring the charms are significant.

It is these details that give each charm a unique character. Just as we are as unique and special, no two charms are alike and I love that we can all create our own story with the various charms.

The final charm that I picked represented Freedom.Pandora Charm Freedrom

The design of this charm looks like waves of the ocean! I love it! I am a water baby and looooveeee the ocean. We hit the beaches of Boracay every summer and on a weekly basis, I spend time by the pool. The waves are a perfect representation of the freedom I feel when I am by the water. The soothing sound of the waves and the calming feeling of the water washing over my head… Ahhhh.. The freedom to live in the moment.

I cannot emphasize how much I love the wonderful details on each of the charms and already have plans to buy more charms to add to my bracelet. The good thing about shopping for PANDORA charms during this period is that you will receive a complimentary PANDORA silver bracelet (worth SGD$106) or a Moments silver bracelet (worth $124) with a minimum spend of $250 nett. This promo is valid till 29 March. Enquire in-store for more details.

Pandora Essence Bracelet

I have been talking primarily about the charms, but the ESSENCE bracelet is equally well designed. Also made of Sterling Silver, the slender bracelet complements the charms perfectly. It has a sterling silver clasp that is secure and designed so the bracelet sits snugly on your wrist.

This Danish brand was first founded in 1982 and they have been innovators in the jewelry business with creative designs and memorable charms. Each ESSENCE charm actually has a flexible silicone grip built inside the core so you can simply move the charm when it is on the bracelet. When you are ready and have decided, the charms stay firmly on the spot no matter how much you move.

PANDORA has helped so many ladies tell their story and capture their unforgettable moments. Whether it is a girl friend, your mom or a colleague, you can add to their story and help create their style by customizing a bracelet. I am thrilled that moving forward with my story, I get to tell it with PANDORA.

Each PANDORA charm ranges from SGD 53 and this promotion is only available at PANDORA stores across Singapore, excluding Changi Airport Terminals.

Find out more about PANDORA and the ESSENCE collection at the PANDORA website or on their Facebook page

OOTD: In a Flatlay

There is probably a good reason why Sunday is called SUN-day. Here in Singapore, the sun is always brilliant and blazing so I picked a bright yellow summery sundress to match the heat. ☀️ Being in the sun can dry skin out, so I get my skin ready by using the new JERGENS Daily Moisture body lotion for long-lasting luminosity and smoothness. You can also choose the Soothing Aloe or Ultra Healing as all three come with a patented JERGENS technology.

Want more deets? I previously did a review HERE on the blog 💻

OOTD: #nuffnang8irthday

Dressed in white x blue for the #nuffnang8irthday bash at Da Paolo. The theme was white, gold and silver and everyone sportingly came in white… except Boss Ming who wore a black and blue outfit. His retort to that? “BUT IT IS GOLD AND WHITE WHAT!” referring to the HUGE online debate about the silly bandage dress that split the internet into 2 camps. Each adamant that THEIR eyesight and brain function was better than the other.

Maybe my brain wasn’t working too well, but I actually saw tinted bluish-white and a weird off yellow colour. HA. Now, what does that say about my brain that can actually see BOTH colours…. Although I am still inclined to say white and gold.

Now off to dinner with the grandparents… And to break the engagement news to them. 😁🎉💍

More updates on the #nuffnang8irthday bash on my Dayre.

Happy 8th Birthday Nuffnang!

It has been 8 wonderful years with my online family, Nuffnang. Today we celebrate the #nuffnang8irthday! Happy 8th birthday Nuffnang! Thank you for always taking good care of me and for working diligently to make our community relevant. So proud that Nuffnang has been recognized in Singapore’s Book of Records as ‘Singapore’s First Blog Advertising Community.

Cheers to many more successful years and growing stronger as a blog community. 💪💪🎉

BEAUTY: Jergens Body Moisturizer Review

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It is no secret that the air on-board most planes is

1) drying

2) almost at sub-zero degrees (which probably explains why the air is so dry)

So, I get off the plane and find myself in Myanmar with blazing hot sun and almost volcano-like temperatures. Even though Yangon’s temperatures are high, the air is dry and very different from Singapore’s humid weather.

Jergens Body Lotion Singapore

Thankfully, prior to this trip to Myanmar, Jergens generously sent over 3 bottles of their best body lotions and I packed one of the 400ml bottles in my check-in luggage.

Jergens, the Number 1 Body Lotion Brand in USA*
* Nielsen Retail Sales, MAT Nov 2014

I did some digging about found that Jergens is the number 1 body lotion in the US of A. This is no surprise to me because I have been to many of the drugstores in the US and always find little travel-sized bottles of these body lotions. I loved travel-sized stuff so I inevitably pick up one or two bottles of this best-selling lotion not just for myself, but as gifts to my friends too.

Your skin is your biggest organ and makes up more than 80% of your body. But you already knew that. More importantly, whether you are dressing up or dressing down, your skin IS your biggest accessory. It is only right that you keep your canvas looking good, glowing and healthy.

Jergens is so popular because of a breakthrough HydralucenceTM blend only available in their lotions. This illuminating effect stems from the microscopic serum droplets in the lotion that forms a shield on the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

Jergens Body Lotion Swatch

This little droplet of lotion may not look like anything but it is packed with hydrating elements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, cucumber extract, Silk Proteins or Vitamin B5.

There are 3 different moisturizers in the Jergens collection with the Hydralucence blend and depending on the body lotion you choose, your skin will be soft and supple to the touch.

Choose the Daily Moisture for smoother skin, the Soothing Aloe for soothed and refreshed skin or the Ultra Healing that nourishes and heals.


Moisturizing/Hydration effect
Dry skin is obvious to the naked eye – you will see fine lines and little triangle shapes. I know because I stare at my hands on the airplane horrified at how dry they become. On top of that, my legs get very dry after I disembark from the airplane. Again, skin is scaly and you can easily leave scratch marks.

Jergens Hydralucence Body Lotion

But after the first use of Ultra Healing (designed for extra dry skin), I immediately saw the difference! The fine lines were less visible and my skin was incredibly soft to the touch! You will literally see the glow of your skin because your skin is now a smooth surface that will catch the light.

Jergens Ultra Healing Body Lotion

The palms of my hands also get the moisturizing effect, sometimes even more so than the affected areas because I use them to massage the body lotion all over. And unlike other body lotions I have used before, there is no sticky residue or oily feeling when I use Jergens.

In fact, the skin of my palms are so smooth, it is like I have slipped on a silk glove.

Applying your body lotions immediately after a shower is the best.


Jergens Daily Moisture

Of the three moisturizers, my favourite fragrances are from Daily Moisture and Soothing Aloe. Daily Moisture reminds me of an ocean breeze and I like to use it after a long day and a hot shower. Applying it just before going to bed relaxes me and always puts me in a good mood before bed-time.

Jergens Aloe

The Jergens Soothing Aloe is refreshing and perfect for keeping my skin cool and moisturized after a day in the sun. Whenever, I apply the lotion its fragrance reminds me of a fresh spring day. Aloe Vera is widely known for its cooling properties so I always use it after a swim or tanning by the pool to prevent my skin from further hydration loss.

It is so hard to choose one to suit your lifestyle isn’t it? Haha. This is why I have all 3 for all occasions! You can pick up some samples by visiting the Jergens site or simply find out more about Jergens here. Regardless of your lifestyle or your skin needs, there is a Jergens body lotion just for you.

The new Jergens body moisturizer range with Hydralucence blend comes in 400ml bottle packs. Each retails for S$8.90 and can be found at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies, and personal care stores.