— Valerie Lim

Last weekend was the first time in 2 months since I joined the ranks of working class adults, that I had to wake up early on a freaking SATURDAY! Naturally, it was not without complaints and ramblings. The company signed us up for First Aid Day at the NVPC which was organised by the Red Cross of course and we had to attend to learn basic first aid and CPR.

Initially, we thought we were in for a really boring day. We literally, dragged our feet to the NVPC and psyched ourselves for a looooooonnnnngg lecture. We’d heard about how there was a “practical” at the end from the seniors who’d attended the course before but nevertheless, we still didnt know what to expect. Turns out when you’re with some of the seniors, things can be really fun. HAHAHA.

During the practical, which started after millions of people went up stage to talk about the importance of First Aid, we learnt how to do a head bandage. Everyone turned out looking like they were sporting some really cool headgear.

Learnt how to pretend to strangle yourself choke and UNchoke people.

Somehow everyone just looks very happy to be choking. Haha. But well, if you do see someone holding onto their necks, you can pretty much be sure that he/she is choking. Just to be sure, always double check by asking, and if the person CANNOT respond to you, then yes, you can be sure that you need to intervene!

And then we learnt how to measure boob circumference…… NOT.

And then came the really interesting part, where we had to do mouth to mouth for CPR! *jeng jeng* Who was the lucky one who’d get to do mouth to mouth with so many people?

Little Annie.

A dummy.

OOPS! Sorry WRONG PICTURE. That’s not Little Annie. That’s our instructor whose name I didnt get. But he was a real good sport even though we were making loads of noise while he was teaching and laughing at each other. Occasionally laughing at him too. HAHA. Dont you think he looks like he’s teaching kungfu in this picture?

We still had time to cam-whore while he’s talking.

Once we got through the theory on how to do CPR, everyone had a go at it. Doing 5 sets of 30 compressions can really be quite tiring!

Panicking! OH NO. Somebody HELP! Dont worry! I know CPR!

Makin’ out with the doll, Annie. LOL. And a huff and PUFF!

The look of concentration was quite evident on everyone’s face.

Using that as an indication, you can be sure that we took some valuable lessons away that day despite a gruelling morning! Haha! First Aid Day wasnt as bad as we thought it would be.

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They always say, in chinese, that there are no ugly women in this world, only lazy women. A girls’ night out in out together with ling and Huiwen saw us playing with all sorts of makeup, curlers and eyelashes!

Those two had never worn falsies in their entire lives previously and I had the honour of being their eyelash artist for the night. I even bestowed ling with a brand-new pair of falsies I’ve kept in my drawers for so long, but never got about to using them. She, naturally, looked darn good in them with her bloody big eyes! *glares*

Presenting to you, the different types of sported by us girls that night: Ling had the bling, I had something not so dramatic yet still had volume, while Wen had the long and l e n g t h y.

Check out our eyeshadows man! Colours are love love love!
Gorgeous gold and green, smokin’ grey/black with glittery gold and finally, sweet lilac purple.

The process.

MOAR make up experiments to come soon!

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At the risk of adding another mascara tube hitched with the promise of thicker, fuller lashes that threaten to blow anyone away (literally) within a 5 mile radius to my already burgeoning mascara stash, I had better get to heaping praise onto this tube that may become a staple in my beauty box.

All hail the mascara from the land of all things quirky, weird, random and occasionally mostly very expensive; the land of sushi and as you know it, anime.

Because I am a fuss-free, no hassle, minimalist, easy-peasy kinda person, what I really like about this mascara is that it offers a one-time application that lasts throughout the day! I dont have to worry about re-application (unless I want my lashes to eventually claim the title of Great Wall of China 2) nor do I have to worry about my look rapidly turning fresh, clean-faced to flaky emo-goth eyes.

On top of that, there are no flakes littering my bottom lids at the end of the day and my lashes are still prettily curled. HOORAY! To top if it, did I mention that there are NO CLUMPS? The look achieved is clean, long natural looking feathery lashes that look made up but not over the top.

After a long day of wearing Fibrewig Mascara.

Wait! There’s more! It comes off easily with warm water (read: no need for oil based make-up removers that may clog your pores) BUT! Because it’s water-resistant, stays on when in contact with tears or rain! How innovatively simple!

For SGD$25 a tube, it is a little pricey. But good things dont come cheap. I might just be throwing out my other white supposedly fibrewig primer mascaras and using this instead.

Imju Fibrewig Lash Mascara is found in Sasa or Watsons stores.

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“They have trained hard, if not harder, than their counterparts.”

But yet all they get is one-tenth the remuneration?

Unfair much?

For once, I felt real pride. And I am unafraid to say, I almost bawled.

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Did you guess right?

Photoshop. Plastic Surgery.

Everyone has done it. Who’s admitting it?

They’re essentially almost the same thing if you think about it. The only difference?
The duration of its effects. And possibly, chances of your little secret being uncovered.

It’s almost redundant to say that most bloggers use Photoshop or some form of digital editing software before posting their pictures. Come on. Be it for simple things such as tweaking the brightness or contrast, adding a watermark or even just adding a fanciful border, no one can by-pass the ubiquity that is digital editing.

And then there are those who decide maybe they want more Permanent Scarring and do the full works leaving them with a complete new look and a gaping hole (or not) in their genuine branded leather wallets and bags.

You might have your preferences on which camp you prefer. But I opted for the cheaper alternative this time around. And in case you’re wondering, no, no plastic at all. Except for the plastic flower maybe.



In total, the work done was:
– curves for colour alteration: $0
– skin smoothening: $0
– liquify for a slimmer chin: $0
– eyelash brush: $0

Looking fabulous: Priceless

It’s really quite simple (and cheap!) cause I didnt have to do much work. Which actually says quite alot. COUGH. WAHAHAHA!
Plastic surgery or Photoshop can be really helpful. Just dont expect yourself to become America’s Next Top Model overnight with the aid of either one. A solid building still has to be built on stable and firm ground.

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Have you ever wondered how different you’d be after almost 10 years? Would your mannerisms have changed drastically? What about personality? Would you still be able to recall what made your memories then?

In truth, I never really thought we’d have this day. The turn out was supposed to bigger. But last minute appointments and back-outs citing excuses such as, “If XXX is not going, I dont think Im going too,” is pretty reminiscent of where we were almost 13 years back — Primary school. How apt. But, eventually we ended up with a group of 6, which was pretty nice in itself.

We hung out at Alps Cafe, off Dhoby Ghaut on Selegie and caught up over food and drinks.

And indulged in long lost stories which most of us had duly forgotten save for one lonesome warrior. It was funny trying to remember the stories, funnier attempting to remember who’s who and hilarious just knowing the silly things we did previously which were probably considered cool back then.

Ripped off ling

Adding to that list was:
– how some people used to catch tadpoles from the small puddles in the playground when it rained
– buying canteen food for like 20 – 50 cents (no such thing nowadays!)
– the other twin tower back then in primary school
– random people from other class whom we used to hang out with
– who went to which class for Chinese lesson

And a bunch of various stuff that I dont remember. In fact, I didnt quite remember some of the things they said happened! Oh no! Bwahahahaha! But it was great seeing everyone that night. Some whom I see quite regularly online, but hardly in person save for one or two occasions. Others, I randomly (or not) met several times the past month or so. The rest, I just havent seen since primary school! Surprisingly, everyone still looks pretty much like they did a decade ago and no one changed beyond recognition. They were just more polished and well-groomed but still very much the same person we knew so very long ago.

The girls

The boys

Everybody now from 6/2

Wonder if I can still dig up pictures from long long ago. Now that would be REALLLLLLLYYY funny.

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