— Valerie Lim

Disclaimer: This is my attempt at writing an emotional post.


*insert raised eyebrows, questioning looks and loud scoffs*

I’ve tried over the several few weeks (or maybe months) at penning down the various things I’ve noticed, felt or just pondered, but most of the time, I turn up nothing.

I’ve been poked, prodded, provoked and fuelled by what I’ve read from blogs of close friends delving into finding, (re)discovering or just constantly seeking out oneself and I wonder where I deviated; where I lost that sense of self.

I remember back when I was still blogging for myself, I used to ask myself occasionally whether I was losing “me” at any point in time. But now that I have truly been obscured by the veils of the white noise, I seem to not question myself anymore. How ironic; how moral-less; how soul-less.

Different blogs serve different purposes to their respective authors. Some serve as show-blogs where riches and wealth are flaunted as a hallmark of the author’s supposed extravagant lifestyle; others a reflective, personal journal where daily events are recorded with meticulous care. I used to be the latter, but some how “graduated” to joining the lower rungs of the “upper echelons” – the former category. It’s not a bad thing really. I quite like a bit of variety in my writing. I get to write differently for the various genres required.

But with gains in popularity comes loss in privacy. You’d say it comes with the territory, but I dont think I could deal with living my entire life out in the cyber world.

Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve hit the point where emotions no longer take precedence. And it’s not imperative for me to jot them all down.

Or maybe, life is on autopilot now and is coasting through with no turbulence. In other words, I have nothing exciting to write about. DOES IT MEAN I AM BECOMING BORING?!!!???!?!

Or maybe I am becoming RATIONAL and everything is now as simple as A-B-C.

Verdict: FAILED.
As you can clearly see, I have failed miserably in emotional writing. Maybe I should take a class in reflective writing.

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Feel like this most of the time? You have a whole load of clothes but NEVER know what to wear? As far as I know, and have checked the gazillion times whenever I look in the mirror, I am still very much female.

Femalesa species very much obsessed interested with bags, shoes, makeup and of course, CLOTHES.

As a female, I can never get enough of clothes. I’m constantly on the look out for new items! But dont know where to find good bargains? I now have the answer to your worrisome clothe woes!

Introducing TheBlackSequin!

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So for that extra glint in your eye, get shining with TheBlackSequin! Check out the newest collection out already!!

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I cant wait!

Funny and awesome posts coming soon! Wo0o00oo0o0ot!

It’s clinic week again! Stress.

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Heroes Season 3 is back! ZOMG! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Lipstick jungle is the new Sex and the City!

Gossip Girl is cool! But much toooo drama for me yo. All that boy-girl drama, so passe. C-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n. Still fun to ogle at the cast and awesome clothes though.

House is tres sarcastic and full of medical drama. Me likey!

Excuse me when I laze on the couch with my big bucket of fried chicken.

I cant believe I read a bunch of brainless blogs over the past few hours. Guh. Hello Internet TeeVee!

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa kawan-kawan!

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Monday blues just advanced to a whole new level. When you have to eat lunch alone (which is not the issue here really because i’ve eaten lunch alone more than a couple of times recently) and have no idea what to eat nor do because you’re so bored with life in general, you know you’ve reached an all time understimulation.

Well looking at the brighter side of things, I look cool sitting here typing on my iPod Touch, pretending to be some really busy person.

Thank God for free wireless.

Now maybe if only I could post pictures with an iPhone. Hrm….

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Last weekend was the first time in 2 months since I joined the ranks of working class adults, that I had to wake up early on a freaking SATURDAY! Naturally, it was not without complaints and ramblings. The company signed us up for First Aid Day at the NVPC which was organised by the Red Cross of course and we had to attend to learn basic first aid and CPR.

Initially, we thought we were in for a really boring day. We literally, dragged our feet to the NVPC and psyched ourselves for a looooooonnnnngg lecture. We’d heard about how there was a “practical” at the end from the seniors who’d attended the course before but nevertheless, we still didnt know what to expect. Turns out when you’re with some of the seniors, things can be really fun. HAHAHA.

During the practical, which started after millions of people went up stage to talk about the importance of First Aid, we learnt how to do a head bandage. Everyone turned out looking like they were sporting some really cool headgear.

Learnt how to pretend to strangle yourself choke and UNchoke people.

Somehow everyone just looks very happy to be choking. Haha. But well, if you do see someone holding onto their necks, you can pretty much be sure that he/she is choking. Just to be sure, always double check by asking, and if the person CANNOT respond to you, then yes, you can be sure that you need to intervene!

And then we learnt how to measure boob circumference…… NOT.

And then came the really interesting part, where we had to do mouth to mouth for CPR! *jeng jeng* Who was the lucky one who’d get to do mouth to mouth with so many people?

Little Annie.

A dummy.

OOPS! Sorry WRONG PICTURE. That’s not Little Annie. That’s our instructor whose name I didnt get. But he was a real good sport even though we were making loads of noise while he was teaching and laughing at each other. Occasionally laughing at him too. HAHA. Dont you think he looks like he’s teaching kungfu in this picture?

We still had time to cam-whore while he’s talking.

Once we got through the theory on how to do CPR, everyone had a go at it. Doing 5 sets of 30 compressions can really be quite tiring!

Panicking! OH NO. Somebody HELP! Dont worry! I know CPR!

Makin’ out with the doll, Annie. LOL. And a huff and PUFF!

The look of concentration was quite evident on everyone’s face.

Using that as an indication, you can be sure that we took some valuable lessons away that day despite a gruelling morning! Haha! First Aid Day wasnt as bad as we thought it would be.

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