Singapore’s First Blogger Blood Drive – With Pictures

Disclaimer: The story below and characters are purely fictional. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

On the day of the blood donation drive,we sneak up to open doors.

And what do we see?

Dracula Wennie says, “I vvvvant your bloood! Dont worry it wont hurt!”
*evil laughter*

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WONT HURT! You have got to be kidding,” Estee says.

“No really. It didnt hurt one bit. I’m a first timer donor and it was rather painless and over in about 20 mintues.”

“Look I even got my cool pink cert that certifies me as a blogger blood donor!
Pssst. Check out the sticker on my shirt sleeve that proudly proclaims me as a first-time donor.”

We all donated! Note: Spot the odd one out.

“Yes I donated too! Check out my pink bandage on my arm. I even get a free cup of milo afterwards to replenish myself!”

Why yes, bloggers who came down that day to donate blood got a goody bag that was packed with highly nourishing Brands Essence of Chicken.

Soon our two lovely hosts step up and introduce…. GAME TIME!

“Has everyone donated? Let’s play some games!

‘You can pick from the tonnes of games we have here! Or we can also play human-sized snakes and ladders!’

Not interested in snakes and ladders? We have ‘other’ stuff you can play with.

Take your pick – Josh524 or Jordan.

AndyStorm: “Ehhhh.. Actually I have a confession to make.”
Friend: “What is it Andy?”

AndyStorm: “If you are bored, you can play me =)”
Friend: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh?

Boss Ming looks on, stressed.

“Sigh. What is wrong with my bloggers?” *shakes head*

“Maybe I should put my cooking skills to good use and become Chef Ming instead! Lai ah lai ah! Makan on me!”

The event was a meaningful, heartwarming and successful one as there were smiles all round. Did you know, that you, one person can save three lives with your one donation? Your blood can be separated into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and all three serve different purposes in the human body. So, with just 20 minutes of your time, you have just made a difference to the lives of 3 people who cant thank you enough.

This event was proudly brought to you by…….

Bloodbank @ HSA


Nuffnang Singapore!

Domokun and these lovely lady bloggers say,
Thank You!

Philips Indulged our Senses

Note: All picture credits go to Willy Foo of Live! Studios unless otherwise stated. And thanks to Sabrina for the invite!

Sight. Sound. Taste. Touch.

Philips did a very impressive job with their latest “Indulge Your Senses – Exclusive Blogger Event”; it was a complete holistic experience.

The Scarlet Hotel was a sight to behold. I’ve been there once before for another event and since then, it has become one of my favourite hotels in Singapore. It is THE boutique hotel and is very very lavishly decorated with elaborate Victorian-styled furniture of course in Scarlet.

credits to

The Victorian-styled furniture provided a rustic charm and made me feel as though I was back in the quaint castles of ancient Queens; it oozed luxury from every corner. Naturally, with such a prime location for its event, you could only expect the best from Philips.

Im sorry. Did the limousine out front distract you? Philips left no stone unturned. They even hired a stretch limousine for the event! A Lotus Limousine no less! Wo0o0o0o0ot!

On top of that, its guest list was topped with all your favourite good-looking bloggers to compliment the hotel’s wonderful setting.

Although I was a tad late for the event, I managed to catch a group in the TV lounge trying out the Philips Flat TV by hooking it up to a Wii!

I took a crash course in the temporary “sound” room while the others experienced the Flat TV’s high quality pictures and fought their battles on screen on the Wii console. It was 3-on-1 as three lovely ladies gave me a quick overview of their newest audio product in the consumer range.

No, not the object on screen left. To the right. To the RIGHT.

Bluetooth has brought convenience to our fingertips. And now we can employ wonderful Bluetooth technology to our music, in our homes.

Got songs in your phone, in your iPod and even CD but want different songs from each of them at any one point? Well this machine can help to synchronise all three at the same time for you at the TOUCH of ONE button! SUPER COOL. And you can even use it to answer your calls because of it’s built-in mic! Talk on your phone hands-free anywhere in your room! HAHA.

credits to

I really kinda like this product. It’s mighty useful if you’re gonna have your partner over ALONE and need some songs to set the ambiance. *ahem ahem* These crucial songs you need might not always be kept in the same playlist. So what better way to secretly change from one gadget to the other via the touch of a button. BWAHAHAHAHA. Viola! The perfect romantic setting FOR A VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER. I hope you werent thinking of something else. Haha!

Then came the highlight of the night – a ride in the luxury limo where we had a blind sound test to experience the enhanced FullSoundô sound quality of Philips mp3 players.

It was quite obvious that the limo was a rare sight on the road of Singapore because anywhere we passed on our short spin in the limo was met with lots of head-turns from passers-by and cameras being whipped out as if Brat Pitt was walking naked on the roads.

And soon, we were whisked back to the hotel and into the last room where all the girls cheered happily.

I, honestly, do not believe that there is not one woman on the planet who is not concerned about the way she looks. Ignoring the fact that everyone has their own subject views of what beauty is, for instance, you may think that orange eyeshadow matched with blue eyelashes and purple lipstick are the ideal makeup for a first date to a fancy restaurant, with all due respect, you’re still very much into beauty.

We got a lesson from experts in the beauty industry – hair experts and an expert from L’oreal! They were there to talk about taking a leaf out of the pages of them glossy beauty magazines and teaching us how to “steal” those hairstyles!

Adjustable settings on your hair curlers/tongs is always good because it cuts down a lot of time waiting for your curling iron to get hot. Instead of holding it to your head and waiting almost 2 minutes for your hair to get curls, you can get your hair done in a jiffy! I might be getting me one of these handy contraptions because I’ve wanted to do temporary curls for special events but never had the patience to wait for the hair to curl. With high temperature settings, I can get luscious locks in a snap!

In the experts’ safe hands, Sabrina, who was the “guinea pig” for our group, got her curls in about 15 to 20 minutes!

At the end of the day, all the bloggers left with gorgeous curls, beaming smiles and wonderful memories captured beautifully on credit card sized print-outs. I had so much fun meeting up with familiar faces and saying “Hi” to new ones.

And of course, what’s a successful event without a goody bag? With an mp3 player for each blogger.

One that fits in the palm of your hand. Awesome.

Bangkok Bling

Note: The next few posts will be all about Bangkok and it’s various facets. I thought it’d be much easier to categorise them into makeup, food, shopping and whatnots.

Jazzing music up was a breeze in Bangkok. I bought the gems/blings and DIY-ed my iPod Touch from awesome to SUPER awesome. It is quite likely that the back of my iPod Touch is now a real sight to behold as compared to the front.

Hello I am an iZebra.

The gems are pretty shiny for the price I paid.

I also helped inject a new lease of life to mum’s well-used compact.

I am such a genius. Phear me in my big oversized sunglasses.

Or I will blind you with the back of my iZebra iPod camouflaging as a Zebra.

Mad about Makeup


Or make that I am completely and absolutely mad. Period.

Although I dont claim to have the largest stash of makeup, I would say I pretty much own quite a fair bit of make up of random sorts that I dont always use. And Im dying to add more to my collection.

But thank goodness I have pretty good self-control I must say. That and the fact that I think about how much makeup I use when I go to work on a daily basis: none. I take the statement about how I have self-control back.

On my recent trip to Bangkok, I bought 2 gel eyeliners from Kate by Kanebo. Kate is apparently the younger sister division of Kanebo but is not fully available in Singapore. I’ve heard rave reviews about it, both from a friend who is INSANE about makeup and online reviews, and I’ve been wanting to give their gel eyeliners a go. Thus the excitement and uncalled for shriek when I saw the brand in their Watsons. HOW COME SINGAPORE WATSONS DOESNT HAVE SUCH AWESOME BRANDS?!! Granted they just brought in Majolica Majorca but I bet Bangkok had it waaaaayyy before us and even our neighbour Malaysia had it quite a while back in their Watsons too!

It’s Kate! *squeeeee*

The best part about the Kate eyeliner is that it comes bundled with the eyeliner brush in every pack, unlike other brands that sell their gel eyeliner pots and brushes separately. And the brush itself has been raved about for its soft but firm bristles that make drawing eyeliner such a breeze.

image from

Oh did I forget to mention that I bought it in Very Black and Brown?

And that’s on top of their automatic pencil eyeliner which was also recommended by another gal pal whom I totally trust for makeup recommendations.

If that’s not enough, I succumbed and got myself a eyeshadow palette in browns from one of their beauty stores in MBK Mall appropriately named Beauty Buffet.

Everyone loves a good buffet

Just look at the number of people in the store! The items were, if I dare say, almost dirt cheap when converted to our Singapore Dollar. I had almost wanted to buy the entire store because they had every shadow colour you could possibly imagine. On top of that, the makeup was all in absolutely adorable containers and packaging!

My eyeshadow palette

You may question the origins of their products but surprisingly when we looked carefully at the fine print at the back, it read Made in Korea! And it had real lasting power (tried and tested!). When I used it in the Bangkok climate one day from 7am in the morning to about 11pm at night, the colours were still as vibrant and brilliant at the end of the day as when I first applied it despite my oily lids. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Think I’m done yet? Of course not.

I think because women have the freedom of dolling their eyes up in more ways than one (seriously, c’mon, how many ways can you apply foundation), I also added mascaras to my already chock-full-of-mascara makeup bag.

Maybelline’s Define-a-lash

Never seen this brightly coloured green tube they call mascara in stores here? Well, if you guessed that I got it somewhere in Bangkok, you are right. To be precise, I got it at the duty-free in Bangkok’s spanking new International Airport. I saw it, swooped down on it and decided to try the tester after some hesitation, unsure if a persistent sales-person would hover nearby. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised, both by how the mascara worked and the fact that no one came to pester me.


The mascara claims to lengthen and never clump.

And it lives up to BOTH its claims! I particularly loved how it separated my lashes and really made them look long and fanned out! It doesnt do much for volumizing your lashes but that could probably be solved with several coats. Still, because of it’s silicone brush head, unlike conventional brushes, the brush manages to contour and reach lashes in the hard-to-reach places. This might just be my new favourite mascara. I am so glad I bought two just. in. case.
*dances a happy jiggle*

The only thing I didnt buy over there from Bangkok’s superb range of makeup was foundation and blush because I didnt see much mineral makeup there, or rather none at all. Mineral foundation is probably that’s the only thing I will ever apply to my naked skin on the account of it being non-comedogenic (no mineral oil!) and having loads of minerals in its composition that are beneficial to your skin. It provides great coverage despite its powdered form and feels absolutely light with no cakey feeling.

Now awaiting my M.A.C Limited Edition Carmine Eye Brush set in a red satin pouch! Hrm… Maybe I should have bought the Basic Brush set too. And the Carmine Warm Eyes Palette. Hrm…..

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”
– Alexander Graham Bell

On top of tubs of ice-cream, my guide to surviving a broken heart usually involves a playlist.

A playlist specially dedicated to “Love” on my baby Poddie. It’s filled with romantic, soppy songs that make you want to bawl your eyes out and believe in finding true love once more.

Do you think that a playlist and love could be related in more than just sharing a title name?

Well this story will show you just how it can.

It’s hard to mend a broken heart, we all know. But maybe what we dont know is that the best cure for a broken heart is to move on and explore new relationship possibilities – friends or otherwise. And sometimes music can facilitate the process and lead to a new love. The best part of moving on is, your next catch could be a really big one; waaaaayyy better than your previous one.
She could even look like Kat Dennings from The House Bunny!

Credits to topicelebpic.blogspot

So hot!

And Nick (Michael Cera) found exactly that in the city that never sleeps – New York.

With all its buzzing energy, he found love in the most unexpected place – the New York underground music scene, with Norah (Kat Dennings) whom happened to share the same love for all things music. Nick and Norah traverse across New York, with Nick’s band mates in tow, in search for Norah’s missing BFF alongside looking for an Indie band they’re both mad about – Where’s Fluffy. Amidst all the drama of getting lost, meeting psycho ex-es, the two end up having fun and enjoying each other’s company, despite having started off on the wrong note (pun intended).

But when Nick’s ex plots to get him back, will Nick and Norah eventually sing the same tune?

I have to admit, I couldnt help but feel all gooey on the inside everytime I saw the two of them together, they look soooo cute together! The tender moments they shared was easy to relate to on the account that these are the smallest gestures that make anyone smile and happen everywhere on a daily basis – the constant teasing, the play-fighting, the travelling together and the occasional arguing, essential for building the foundation for any strong solid relationship. Awwwwwwww…. The two main leads had pretty good chemistry admist the high-school sweetheart vibes they gave off. And it was nostalgic to watch them on the silver screen; jogging memories of a tender first love.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is definitely a must-watch for anyone above 16 – thumbs up for a feel good sweet movie that’ll remind you how the passionate flames of love can be ignited by a single spark, in their case by a single song/band.

Not sure how to find your music soul mate like they did? The awesome soundtrack on the webby might just help you along and give you some much needed assistance.