— Valerie Lim

Dear Diary,

*scream scream scream*
It is official!

Not only have we only seen the large store front in Ngee Ann City, but now the news has also confirmed it.


Finally we have a specific date! Mark it down ladies! Just before Christmas too! It looks like we will have to be doing loads of last minute Christmas shopping! I cant wait for it to open to land my hands on all the yummy-licious brands that they will be rolling out. I will probably go in there screaming my head off like a deprived kid in a candy store, laying my hands on all things pretty. Oooooooo.

Over one-third of the 100 brands they will be introducing is completely new to Singapore. I just wished they would have introduced more than one-third though because it seems as though Singapore is just stuck with the same few drugstore brands. But now Sephora is just gonna add things to add variety and spice it all up! Urban Decay, Too Faced, DuWop, Blinc, Bare Escentuals, they can now all be mine! They’d better bring in NARS of course, because I want my Orgasms and Deep Throat! Dont you just love all the naughty names? Hahaha.

image from sephora.com

WHAT?! You dont know what Sephora is?! It’s this immensely HUGE store that houses TONNES of makeup brands. It’s a heavenly makeup candy store! *squeeeeeeee*

I CANT WAIT I CANT WAIT! Will there be an official opening? Me want go!

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The issue of Santa arises most frequently at this time of year especially among kids, especially when brightly wrapped presents with big flourishing bows are expected under the lavishly decorated Christmas tree. Ohhhh.. Im going to get a really big present this year! What about you? Everyone is comparing to see who receives the biggest, best-est and most-est present!

Whilst the adults are playing Secret Santa, overheard in a classroom conversation.

Girl 1: “Who do you think gives you your presents? Santa of course.”

Girl 2: “WHAT! There is no such thing as Santa!


HAHAHAHA! I love her conviction and the fire in her eyes when saying that Santa has already graced the pages of the obituary. And that it’s really your parents who buy you the wonderful gifts you open your eyes to on Christmas Day.

An 8-year-old who knows what she stands for, what she believes in and is not afraid to fight for it. That’s my kinda girl.

So now, have you been naughty or nice? Will you get the present you asked Santa for this time around? I dont think Im getting any presents this year from Santa though.

BAH HUMBUG! Look! It’s an Italian Santa!

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POPULAR! Because once everyone hears that I spree with vPost they ask me to take their orders for them and order from overseas for them! Hence making me sought after by friends, family and strangers alike.

Outstanding. Once I get dressed in my garb imported from overseas, I make heads turn.

Savvy because what could be easier than shopping online with just a few clicks?

Technophilic because the Internet is really really awesome! And travels at the speed of light so you can browse and shop.

Most of all, it makes me v(ERY) Christmas-y! Presents galore from all over the world!
2 more days till the deadline closes!

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I have vowed to try and bring my DSLR out as much as I can. Ever since buying it, I’d only bring it out when I kinda felt like. Or only when I thought I wouldnt draw attention to myself. More often than not, I was always lazy to lug the thing around. But now I will try to bring it whenever I can and take as many nonsense pictures as possible. So far, I’ve been doing a good job. And the first ever “event” pictures I took on my own accord for the Blood Donation Drive (yes, they were all my yours truly) turned out pretty awesome. Whoooohoooooo!

Here’s experimenting with a slower shutter speed and zoom effects.

The night lights looks pretty darn funky.

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Pretty! Because of all the international shopping I have done recently.
Oh my goodness. You will never believe the stuff I can get from various countries.
Stuff from the US of A, Europe or even Japan; they’re all mine!
They make online shopping very, very convenient and all the yummy goodies you cant get here are available at your fingertips!

Victoria Secret, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Old Navy, Swell, and even Threadless apparel can make the bulk of your wardrobe! Who doesnt like unique stuff that only you and you alone possess? I’ve shopped via vPost at all the above sites! My body and facial scrubs are shipped via vPost to my doorstep, my tank tops are from Old Navy and my tailored pants are from Victoria Secret (cause I cant get them long enough here) owing to my long long legs. HAHA!

Can you believe shopping through vPost saves you money? I’ve just recently gotten my M.A.C Adoring Carmine 5 Eye Brushes directly from the US of A at almost 50% off the original price sold here in Singapore! On the account of that, Im so tempted to buy other M.A.C eyeshadows online because of all the savings I can get! Furthermore, the skincare and beauty stuff range available at several sites, like my favourite drugstore.com, are vast and not available in Singapore.

If you are Vain, Precocious, On-top of it all, Smart, Thrifty, you will appreciate the services offered by vPost. And this time for the Christmas festive season, they are you offering more!

Held in conjunction with Nuffnang!

Being as cosmopolitan as their services, the party will have people from everywhere!
V: Vampires, Vintage, Vegetable, etc
P: Purple Monsters, Pregnant Woman, Princess, etc
O: Orlando Bloom, Oranges, Organic Plant, etc
S: Saucy Nurse, Sweet Puppy, Signboard, etc
T: Techgeek, Timer, Tomato, etc

What? Why are there vampires and stuff? Well, because it’s a themed party! And there will be Malaysian celebrity bloggers including infamous Kenny Sia!

No need to buy tickets because they are FREE! All you need to do is blog about how vPost makes you feel.

Step 1
Blog as many entries as you like with the given blog title “vPOST makes me v(ERY)…”.

Step 2
Send your permalink with your age and NRIC to vpost@nuffnang.com with the subject title.

Deadline ends 10th Dec 1200 hours

It’s going to be an awesome party. I just know it. So this is my entry for the party!

vPost makes me

Poor! Cos I shop alot with them.
Overjoyed, however, cause I get lotsa of value goodies at great bargains!
Sophisticated because I am be cosmopolitan in the very comfort of my own home.
Thrilled because I like it when I receive a big brown parcel from the postman.

Cause you never know what exciting surprises will be in store for you!

So, how does vPost make you feel? Blog NOW NOW NOW!

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Disclaimer: The story below and characters are purely fictional. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

On the day of the blood donation drive,we sneak up to open doors.

And what do we see?

Dracula Wennie says, “I vvvvant your bloood! Dont worry it wont hurt!”
*evil laughter*

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WONT HURT! You have got to be kidding,” Estee says.

“No really. It didnt hurt one bit. I’m a first timer donor and it was rather painless and over in about 20 mintues.”

“Look I even got my cool pink cert that certifies me as a blogger blood donor!
Pssst. Check out the sticker on my shirt sleeve that proudly proclaims me as a first-time donor.”

We all donated! Note: Spot the odd one out.

“Yes I donated too! Check out my pink bandage on my arm. I even get a free cup of milo afterwards to replenish myself!”

Why yes, bloggers who came down that day to donate blood got a goody bag that was packed with highly nourishing Brands Essence of Chicken.

Soon our two lovely hosts step up and introduce…. GAME TIME!

“Has everyone donated? Let’s play some games!

‘You can pick from the tonnes of games we have here! Or we can also play human-sized snakes and ladders!’

Not interested in snakes and ladders? We have ‘other’ stuff you can play with.

Take your pick – Josh524 or Jordan.

AndyStorm: “Ehhhh.. Actually I have a confession to make.”
Friend: “What is it Andy?”

AndyStorm: “If you are bored, you can play me =)”
Friend: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh?

Boss Ming looks on, stressed.

“Sigh. What is wrong with my bloggers?” *shakes head*

“Maybe I should put my cooking skills to good use and become Chef Ming instead! Lai ah lai ah! Makan on me!”

The event was a meaningful, heartwarming and successful one as there were smiles all round. Did you know, that you, one person can save three lives with your one donation? Your blood can be separated into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets and all three serve different purposes in the human body. So, with just 20 minutes of your time, you have just made a difference to the lives of 3 people who cant thank you enough.

This event was proudly brought to you by…….

Bloodbank @ HSA


Nuffnang Singapore!

Domokun and these lovely lady bloggers say,
Thank You!

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