7 Jul 08

3 Girls, Bananas, Whipped Cream and a G-Spot

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After all the standing around not being able to talk to each other because we were all so busy during ComAsia, the three of us finally managed to get some time before Belle and me started work to take town by storm. We stuffed ourselves with pizza and baked rice whilst talking about everything under the sun. And of course, we gossiped! Hahaha. Maybe we were gossiping about you too! And when three pretty girls meet up, you cant realllly expect the camera to be left untouched.

We cam-whored during lunch.

And then proceeded to have desserts at Big O.

We had some naughty desserts. And you know what? WE MANAGED TO FIND THE MOST ELUSIVE SPOT OF A WOMAN! That one SPOT of a woman that would bring her immense pleasure beyond your wildest imagination.


And this is how it looks like.


The G-Spot is a chocolate fudge cake that is served warm at Big O. I’ve loved the cake ever since 2004 and I still love it now! It’s warm, moist, rich in chocolate, has soft folds layers and is really orgasmic! All the makings of a good G-spot.

But what reallllly got Belle and ZL’s thongs into a bunch was THIS.


Wahahahahaha! The waffles at Big O are still as good as ever. Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, fragrant and oh-so-yummylicious when coupled with maple syrup and ice-cream. GORGEOUS! It’s an absolute combination to die for.

And those two girls got so excited when they saw bananas. Hahaha. But we show you HOW to eat BANANAS and whipped cream. Lol. Tell me you DONT like bananas after seeing the pictures below.

WARNING: The picture below is rated M18. All those 18 years of age and below please, go to THIS SITE NOW.








I miss you girls already!!

5 Jul 08


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Thank God it’s Friday Night! Wo0o0o0oo0t!

My first weekend after 4 days as a full-time working adult!

And I went shopping! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Our pay hasnt even come in yet, but we spent a truckload of moolah already! I bought 2 pants and several tops for work! The best part about work is that we dont have to wear formal all the time! Saves us the trouble of having 2 wardrobes and BUYING TONNES OF HEELS WHICH WOULD KILL OUR FEET EVERYTIME WE WALK UP HILL AND DOWN HILL. So that means I can buy whatever normal clothes I can wear on a regular basis out! Wheeeeeeee! Hello semi-formal/smart casual! We have dress-down-day everyday! Just no jeans though. And I think when we actually start going to 1-on-1s, we should wear heels to look more presentable.

Nevertheless, I can wear like knee-length tailored pants to work cause my job requires me crawling around on my knees at times, hiding and occasionally jumping around like a rabbit. Oh did I mention too, cartoons and kids educational programmes are my favourite teevee shows now. Not that I didnt already watch Kids Central on a regular basis, but now, I gotta pay more attention to the way they say things and make funny noises! Hahaha!

The place is fabulous cause most of the people there are our age, the seniors and supervisors are probably not that VERY MUCH older and they are super friendly. There are tonnes of entertainment stuff in the premises and there’s even a Wii! WAHAHAHAHA. We can help ourselves to coffee, tea and milo, although I think that’s primarily because the mini-mart next door doesnt really stock much. Food is a little hard to get especially if you want to snack, but it’s only a 15 minute walk to the whole stretch of coffee shops that serve chicken rice, cai peng, Western, nasi padang, zi char and even pizza! Okay. The coffee shop doesnt serve pizza but there’s a Canadian pizza joint just next to the cluster of coffee shops and there’s even Cold Storage and Coffee Bean across the road. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Training has been intensive and we’ve already gotten our feet wet with 2 cases both of which are on very different ends of the spectrum. And we’ve also had one of the important people come down all the way from the States and sit in our trainings. Now THAT was nerve-wrecking because these people can REALLY read your behaviour. But we think that he might not actually be watching us. Hrm….

Anyway, here are several memorable quotes for me from the first week of work.

“Somehow they way you do it, isnt quite right. I think it’s because….. your voice is too sexy.”

“Hi darling……..”

“Let’s practise sitting nicely.”

“You are such a pretty girl.”

“Actually in real life, Im a housewife.”
*insert stunned silence*


“You are so wonderful.
Wonderful. wonderful. wonderful.”

“I want my mommmmmyyyy.”

“Indoor shoes. Outdoor shoes. Indoor shoes. Outdoor shoes.”

“Bubble in the hat!”

*points to Barney*
“Big eyes”
*point to self*
“Small eyes”

“I am… Barney!”

“Where’s YOUR face?”

I think there are more, cause we keep laughing over and over again at them during lunch. Others we coo over. And sad to say, there wont be as many pictures of my workplace and me in the process as you would like. The work I do is CLASSIFIED. If I told you, I would have to kill you. Hahaha. The kids are SUPER adorable and they’re all just so amazing in their own ways. I think I could learn a thing or two from them. Haha.

I think it’ll be tough when we’re left alone on our own after the first month, but like any other exercise, it will only become easier and soon I WILL REALLY READ YOUR MINDS. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The bunch of us consider ourselves lucky, because not many psych grads from Universities go into the field. And with this job we’re really hoping to further ourselves and eventually gain enough experience to move on to the Masters level. Wo0o0o0o0ot!

Okay. I have been guilty of wordy pictureless posts recently. Next post you will be high on the pretty okay. In the meantime, be good.


1 Jul 08

5 Steps to Voting Me for Best Photo Blog!

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Remember the Singapore Blog Awards I mentioned previously?



Voting has started and I need you guys to help me out!
In fact, anyone can vote regardless of location! Wheeeeeee!

Steps are as follows! It’s so simple!

Step 1: Just click on this button at the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the side bar (or click on the one below) and follow the instructions as narrated in the post!

You will be directed to this page.

Step 2: And it’s time to VOTE!

Step 3: You need to register for an account. Fill in with your valid email address and a password cause you stand a chance to win trips to BKK, Vietnam and MORE! I/C or Security Number or ID is a requirement because they need to ensure that you are a real human being. PLUS! If you win, you want to be sure that YOU get called!

Step 4: Click on my mug.

Step 5: VOTE!

Simple right! The best part is… YOU CAN VOTE EVERYDAY until the voting closes! YAYYYYYY! It would mean so much to me, if you can show your gratitude via your effort. And for those who have already signed up and voted, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It really means a lot to me. Especially since I’ve spent hours on end, in front of a laggy computer editing pictures. I know you guys appreciate it! WHEEEEEEEE!

In the meantime, I will spam yall with pictures further. You know you love me, SO VOTE NOW!
Voting ends 31st July!

1 Jul 08

The Route to Commencement

everyday life | Posted on 1 July 2008

The circle of life.

What goes around comes around.

And so it goes, the very place we had our matriculation fair should be the very same place that you venture to, in the last few days of your life as an undergraduate, to collect your commencement gown.

Multi-Purpose Sports Hall 1. Or Multi-purpose Hall as they call it.

The irony was not lost on me.

As I walked into the sparingly populated hall in the early hours of the Wednesday afternoon, I noticed the layout had roughly a similar feel to that of the matriculation fair. I hurried to fill in the hardcopy order form for black sheep who hadnt kept to deadlines and ordered their gowns online. I was bent over the first few tables lined near the entrance providing details about the circumference of my head and whether or not I was going to buy or rent the gown before proceeding to the cashier area cordoned off in another part of the hall to make payment. Even there, they had to segregate and distinctly differentiate between those who were supposed to be there and others who were “scheduled for another day.” I felt like an alien. The exact same feeling I most likely experienced when I stepped into MPSH 1 the very first day I was to be called an undergraduate. All eyes were locked on you when you collected your matriculation card. They were all making sure you were keeping in line and part of a bigger grand plan. You couldn’t be different, and if you were, you had to be filed into a different category.

The first section after payment was filled with racks neatly hung with crisp pressed blue gown sans their various coloured collars. As is expected, they were all labeled according to their sizes for ease of distribution. I veered past them and made it to Section 4 (or was it 5?) unscathed. This was the section for those who had opted to purchase their gowns. After a momentary wait, the guy at the counter who had picked my slip up and disappeared behind a make-shift panel that doubled as the entrance to a storage area, called me by name and handed me 3 separate plastic bags with the dark navy blue gown, collar/sash in GOLD no less (wo0o0ot!) and a very flattened mortar board.

If you thought that was the end of it, think again. I was to proceed to the following section to collect my gown bag, but not before I was ambushed by someone from NUSS (I think) to update my particulars on the computer for the alumni database. Arms full with a semi-dripping umbrella, 3 slippery plastic bags and a camera bag in tow, I felt like them klutzy ge3ks in those American high school movies who fumble even with the simplest of actions, ie, sitting down.

But that was swift and painless, and I moved on to collect a yellow environmentally friendly bag to lug the gown and other random nonsense that they started to thrust in my direction. RSVP form for some dinner, pamphlets advertising graduation family portraits, magazines of all sorts and even an NUS Alumni card which I have yet to research its perks.

It was matriculation all over again. Where they all wanted a piece of you. Back then, you were new; you were FRESH MEAT, and they were all waiting to pounce on you. Come join US they’ll say. Take a flyer here, take one pamphlet there, take another brochure there and by the time you reached the end of the maze, your bag was chock full of randomities more than half of which were forced onto you. This time, there wasnt anything different about the way the external companies marketed their services, the only thing unlike the scenario described above was the sheer number of stalls and knick-knacks distributed.

Still, at the end of the day, I landed myself with a huge package between my legs.

No no, Im no guy. But the yellow bag consisted of goodness-knows-what amidst 3 very important articles of clothing that marks the end of a journey much anticipated.

Tomorrow I join the ranks of working adults. NO MORE CONCESSIONS! Wo0oo0o0ot!

Goodbye undergraduate days.

Arts camp seemed like yesterday.

29 Jun 08

Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger of June!

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DID YOU SEE DID YOU SEE?! Did you spy with your little eye a familiar face?

Im Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger for the Month! HAHAHAHA. Yay!
This is almost a month late. But nevertheless, in time to mark the closing of my tenure as Nuffnang’s Blogger of the Month for June!

*wipes away lone tear from cheek*

If you havent already read my write-up, read it HERE.

What’s so great about blogging you ask? Or what have I gained from exposing my life online?


The best part about blogging for me, is being able to explore so many facets of other people’s lives merely by looking at their blogs. I would say you get a deeper understanding of the person through the way they write, the way they organise their thoughts and taking a minute peek into how they lead their lives (literally!), walking in their shoes via the pictures they post! Of course this is done through exchanging links, accidentally stumbling upon some interesting site or just being incredibly kaypoh and randomly clicking on every link you see. Above all, when it comes to the blogosphere you are allowed to meet new people online! It’s so simple. Just say hello! Most people are friendly. Blogs are the new social networking tools yo!

Of course, there are the precautions you must take to ensure your safety and privacy as a blogger. Responsible blogging for one. Not giving out every single detail about yourself and your next move, the second. There are limits we can jolly well play on, but just make sure you dont cross and snap the thin blue line.

I’ve most definitely grown as a blogger. As the sands of time wore on, I’ve learnt new tips and tricks as to how to appeal to a larger audience via the way I write or take pictures. It’s like public speaking. You can only get better if you practise. I’ve picked up new skills and constantly improved myself, not just for the sake of blogging but also to add on to the arsenal of things that I can already do. Haha. I might even add that when I was doing my final exams, I thought about how I was going to frame and construct my essay much like how I was going to write a blog post. Hahaha.

It’s about growing holistically really. Writing as a tool will come in very handy, not just for blogging, but if ever in the future you need to write reports, or perhaps decide you want to be a feature writer, events writer or book author. The skill of creative thinking and getting points across succinctly is a valuable and essential one that cannot be dismissed. You can even write to your prospective lover and impress them with your use of flowery language! Haha. This saves you some green because there is no need for spending on real flowers that eventually wilt several weeks later. And I say, above all, getting in touch with your emotions and articulating them helps you come across as sincere and honest. It’s about sharpening the tool and honing the art of communication.

But enough talk, I will now leave you with a glorious self-portrait, of which you so frequently love to admire, as a way of saying thank-you for all your lovely support!

27 Jun 08

FINALLY! Sweets.sg!

everyday life | Posted on 27 June 2008

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! After all that waiting and excited moaning anticipating, wondering what the HECK is Sweets.sg, YOU FINALLY HAVE THE ANSWER NOW!


So hop on down to THE FIRST EPISODE!
*insert fanfare trumpets*

Everyone’s been talking about it already! And the reviews are not bad!

Good job guys!

Cant wait for the second episode 2 Thursdays later!


Okay more updates later. I cant stay in front of the computer for too long nowadays cause I just went for a life-changing surgery.

But do check back for a BEHIND-THE-SCENES of Blogger’s Sweets!

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