10 Aug 08

Spasm Singapore

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As much as I love Singapore for it’s richness in heritage and diversity, security and tolerance for all races, multitude of food and whatever else you can think of, I cant help but wonder what Singapore inferred when they said to send the “most beautiful” woman to represent the rest of the population in an international pageant.

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsnhyMMewDk&feature=related]
See Singapore at 2.30.

I didnt know horse rearing was our national sport or that stomping was our national dance.

She looks like she’s spasming on stage.

8 Aug 08


everyday life | Posted on 8 August 2008

Till this day, I think my dad still doesnt quite believe I work 5 days a week. Haha.

He comes into my room, pretends to be looking for something and “casually” asks, “No work ah?” Hahahaha! So cute.

“Thank God It’s Friday” is my mantra every time 5 days of the work week speeds past. Not that I dont enjoy my work, but overlapping and doing school is extremely exhausting especially when you have to dart for 2 kids who are infamous for being “darters” and “grabbers” during recess.

Falling asleep on the train is a common practice nowadays.

I’ve been such a lazy blogger.

6 Aug 08

We are at SingFest!

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SingFest is DA BOMB!

Despite the sweltering heat, the line up of artists was amazing, the sound system was superb and we had TONNES OF FUN singing out lungs out to familiar tunes, letting dreamy male singers charm the pants off us, gawking at all the pretty AND talented female singers and basically chilling melting under the blistering heat.

Before the flood of pictures paint you a proper picture, here are TWO teasers before I get my lazy butt off and working on a coherent post.

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4lLGLEwkok]
Marie, partner bimbo in crime.

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBk6IYf9-mc]
Sexy Stacie Orrico in a LBD opened the music extravaganza at 3.30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Pardon our *cough* singing.

And YES, I did get to meet the PCD in real life yo! They are ALL so hot and gorgeous exactly like the plethora of pictures you see out there. The only downside was that I got a total of like, 5 seconds with them? THAT was a major bummer. But that’s one story to tell in the other post.

2 Aug 08

The Workaholic Strikes!

everyday life | Posted on 2 August 2008

I love my job.

But the challenge really starts this week. We’ve finally finished our month long “official” training and have also gotten our own personalised schedules. Tis a milestone! Comparing schedules, the 4 of us share cases but it still feels as though we’re being split and distanced from each other because our timetables dont mesh. It’s hard because we’ve spent almost every single minute of the one month next to each other, glued side by side. It seems at this point like we’re being thrown out into deep waters with minimal support; venturing into unknown territories sans backup. But that’s probably just me getting jitters at the thought of handling more responsibility, because the seniors and supervisors are and have been superb – they’ve imparted to us all that they know. Different situations calls for different strategies of “warfare” and the tricky part is having to decide in several seconds, on our part, which from the arsenal to draw.

The one reassuring thing for now, is knowing that sessions are at the clinic and that we have a strict session plan to follow.

On a happier note, we’ve got new work email address (hooray!), new voicemail lines AND direct dial numbers too! WAHAHAHA! Cool or what. Macham like professional! Wo0o0o0o0ot!

When we’re not working aka playing with toys, we… PLAY WITH MORE TOYS! Our current addiction is the game everyone at work knows.


One senior introduced it to us and I’m hooked! The aim of the game is get all your pieces down onto the board yet at the same time making sure you dont let your opponents get a space to put theirs down! You have to BLOCK em! I managed to put ALL my tiles down ONE time. Hahaha!

Other times, we play with food.

My Play-Doh pizza. Anyone want a slice?

And on the one occasion when we decide to indulge, we found gems at La Nonna.

I swear I could eat like ten of these.

And the SCRUMPTIOUS Tiramisu just blew my mind away. Best I ever had.

Can you believe we had BOTH of these for only 14 dollars! Because they have a 50% discount for lunch! Wheeeee! Maybe I will indulge more next time. Haha.

But for now, I have to go read my textbook.

*goes all googly eyed*

29 Jul 08

Plastic Surgery

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I remain on the side of the fence that says people who go for plastic surgery have everything to hide.

And I say this from an objective PSYCHOLOGICAL point of view.

But then again, this is only MY opinion. And an opinion is only as good as the person who holds it see.

Anyway, I’ve seen it on Tyra Banks show too. Haha. This woman was completely obsessed with plastic surgery and it was because she was completely rotten [sic] on the inside. She had been raped, not once, not twice, but countless times when she was younger. She felt like she had nothing good inside of her; nothing left to be proud of. She was BROKEN. Thus in futile attempts to “distract” what was considered unsightly, the packaging on the outside had to re-packaged over and over. And over. And over.

If people were busying themselves with how she looked on the surface, they wouldnt bother prying into the sordid details of her not-so-fantastic history. Pretty packaging suckers everyone. Except people who bother looking past the sheen of the polished. So maybe you might want to think about picking up a shovel the next time you meet someone new. Or walking into their wardrobe and rummaging about. HAHAHAHA! I am such a nosy parker.

Honestly, who really cares?

Because we’re always BUSY. Cognitively busy.



*pees in pants*

29 Jul 08


advertorial, fashion | Posted on 29 July 2008

I love online shopping. Honestly, what’s there not to like about it!

You just sit in your favourite comfy chair, surf around and then click a couple of buttons and viola! You have a whole new wardrobe delivered straight to your house! Absolutely convenient! I dont have to set a single foot out of my house or even out of my room! Haha! Great for people who have jam-packed schedules like me. But blog shops are a dime a dozen these days and you can get almost anything online, but how do you know when a blog shop is reliable? It’s so hard to choose!

Tracyeinny is one that I completely trust and absolutely love! Even when Im not buying, I like to browse their website and click to see the various collection of clothings. EVERYTHING IS SO PRETTY! I remember it was back in school, during lecture *cough* when my friend and I were surfing their website. HAHAHA. I love their clothes because they have a wide range of everything! From casual tops, work tops, to maxi dresses, to bracelets, and sandals, every type of clothing a girl could need is there! Florals, lace, funky and even vintaged typed clothing is available in their range. I can get anything that I fancy!

But really, you need to take a look at their pictures to see for yourself.
Click to enlarge.

And you know what? You know the clothes are REALLY great when THEY ARE SNAPPED UP SO QUICKLY! PLUS! They have snappy and frequent uploads! YAYYY!

I like so many of their pieces! But they gave me 2 complimentary pieces! YAY! I love those girls. It was so hard to decide cause I WANTED EVERYTHING! But they were so patient with me. Eventually, I decided on something functional for work.

Blue top by Tracyeinny. Isnt the lace so pretty!
And I look like a mannequin. HAHAHA!

And the other piece I picked was this! A grey knitted kinda vest!

I absolutely adore it cause I’ve been looking for something like that for yonks! And I can practically wear it ANYWHERE with ANY style. Wo0o0ot! I’ve worn it to work so many times already cause I LOVE IT!

YAY for Tracyeinny!

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