— Valerie Lim

A depiction of me, as drawn by an 8 year old with the bluest of blue eyes. I could literally drown in those huge pools of blue. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

I totally need to get my hair dyed again. HAHAHAHA. Look at those roots!

Her concentration at trying to detail my features and capture my clothes detail was apparent, as was colouring in my hair, which I thought was the funniest part.

“Your hair is black at the top *grabs black color pencil* and brown at the bottom”
*grabs brown colour pencil*

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picture credits to Wen

It’s been so long. And it felt good to have the sun beating down on my back once again.

We should do it again Wennie!

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You know how people nowadays, everywhere on their blogs claim that they write because they love it and not because they care for the extra money that it helps to bring in? Yet they still manage to shoot themselves in the foot by saying that and DOING something on the complete end of the spectrum.

Passion versus practicality.

A question we inevitably debate at one point in our lives. Which do you choose?

Oh such dilemma.

When it comes to writing, for me, I ask myself ONE question, would you give all that up and write for absolutely NOTHING? Not one single tangible return to you, not a penny to your name in return for what you have done.

And, you know what? I just said YES. And it wasnt with hesitation.

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These are so simple to make!

Things you need:
– leather straps (at least 3)
– your fingers

How to:
1) Get 3 straps and tie them together at the top.
2) Braid them till the very end.
3) Tie a knot to seal the deal!

If you make them long, these are multi-purposed. You can use them as a hippie head band, a choker or wrap them around your wrist as multi-layered wrist band!

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A gruelling nearly 15 hour marathon, in the sun with no scheduled breaks, and a tshirt that wasnt exactly cotton was what a couple of colleagues and myself were subjected to the previous weekend.

Surprisingly, we had truckloads of fun because we’re all trigger happy people.

The Canon Photomarathon 2008 was a record breaking one, gathering even more than last year’s turn out.

1,282 participants in the Singapore leg
credits Photomarathon Asia

But we’re all first timers.

There were three themes for the day; each given 3.5 hours for you to capture that ONE single shot and then come back to the download stations to submit your work. No pre-shot pictures, nor edited pictures were allowed. You were thus only, limited by your imagination and of course creativity and composition. It’s not to say that Point and Shoots dont work as well as DSLRs, but I couldnt help but feel somehow having a large-a*s camera with them powerful lenses (tele-lenses or whatever they call them) gave the semi-pros and professionals a cutting edge over n0obs. But I shouldnt be one to complain I suppose, already having owned a DSLR of my own.

The first assignment was “Change” and we were off to a good start. We had loads of ideas, the problem was where and HOW to get our respective shots captured. Deciding that Chinatown was a good area to get our triggers clicking, it wasnt long before we were taking random shots of everything and anything just to warm our cameras up.

Some pictures I particularly like which are unrelated to the theme.

We took a couple of pictures themed “Change” and I had trouble deciding between several photos.

Eventually I submitted this.


Now that I think of it, it kinda looks like a decapitated hand. Haha! But a decapitated hand with change in it, spells oxymoronic (ie. death doesnt change).

The second theme was harder – Dreams.

I drew a blank notwithstanding its relevance to my pseudonym.

I particularly liked these but didnt think they conveyed the idea of “Dreams” very well.


I chose to go with the latter owing to its blue-ish tinge and the way the little girl lay across the stone slab.

The final theme was met with exhaustion on my side. It was increasingly difficult to generate ideas although we’d started out on a high note. I guess it also didnt help very much that the organisers kept pushing the time back and we were due back at 8pm that very night when originally it could have been 6ish/7.


Shyuan’s picture for “Freedom” where I had to model on the damp grass. Haha. Looks good though and I had it printed in A4! Haha!

Finally we were done at almost 1030pm. The entire experience was a good one and I learnt how to use my camera in several ways I never thought I would normally do. Plus, us n0obs also agreed that we learnt how to infuse meaning into our pictures instead of randomly just taking stuff all the time. We’re definitely going to join again next year! Wo0ot!

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At the risk of doing a very bitchy thing and exposing They Who Shall Not Be Named (maybe they should be exposed because they most certainly deserve social ridicule), I cannot emphasize time and time again how I ABSOLUTELY DETEST ANY FORM OF DESPERATION.

Be it trying so bloody hard to plug your own space under the pretense of concern for the other’s well-being (to that I say a very GET A REAL LIFE deperado!) or putting yourself on a exasperatingly raised pedestal when you are at most a pathetic 2/10, please just leave me out of your sad, sad, sorry affairs. Dont make yourself as important as you wish you would be.

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