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Darlie Expert White Toothpaste

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Beauty queens do it; Hollywood stars wear it; politicians use it and the everyday person can gift it to anyone in an instant.

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Mother Theresa said, “Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” A brilliant smile can also do so much to change your appearance. It is, in fact, the best accessory anyone can have. I always get compliments about my smile; about how white and beautiful it is. Of course, I have my professional doctors to thank for my smile, but at the same time I do try my best to maintain a bright and white smile at home.

The food and drink we consume on a daily basis can stain our teeth. The biggest culprits of yellow stained teeth are smoking and caffeine. I’m not a smoker but I do enjoy my coffee – it makes me an instant human – but too much coffee makes our teeth less than pristine white. Aside from drinking water after every mouthful of coffee to prevent stains, I maintain them pearly whites by thorough brushing at home.

Darlie Expert White Toothpaste

Scientifically proven to have 3x more whitening effect, the Darlie White Expert toothpaste did wonders for my coffee stains. It wont remove the stains in between your teeth, but the surfaces of my teeth were whiter in just one week. Easy, painless stain removal at home is now in a tube! The toothpaste tastes like any other toothpaste and leaves my breath fresh and minty – just the way I like it.

The Darlie White Expert toothpaste was inspired by professional whitening treatments used in dental care – ultrasonic scaling and polishing. It has Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp) in its formula. This key ingredient in Darlie White Expert toothpaste whitens your teeth and on top of that prevents up to 80% of stains and tartar accumulation with regular daily use. It acts like a shield protecting your teeth from yellowing despite constant exposure to staining substances.

To demonstrate just how effective the Darlie White Expert toothpaste is, I conducted a little home experiment. The test was to show how effective Darlie Expert White toothpaste is as a protective shield against staining. The enamel tablets that were provided represent our tooth. Soaking them in the toothpaste solution simulates us brushing our teeth with the toothpaste and exposing the tablets to the black tea is exactly how our teeth are when we drink coffee or tea. It was a short 10 minute experiment but the results blew me away.

Watch the video I made!

I’m so impressed with the results (and myself for conducting the experiment), especially because the results are significant with just one use.

Darlie Expert White Toothpaste Results

With a mere 3 minutes of exposure to the Darlie White Expert toothpaste, the enamel tablet soaked in the black tea is clearly whiter than the other one soaked in normal fluoride toothpaste! If that’s the result with one use, think about what the Darlie White Expert toothpaste can do for your teeth in the long run! I’m thoroughly convinced I’ve found THE whitening toothpaste to keep my teeth shiny and my smile brilliant. All for a reasonable price of $5.90 (120g)! Yey!

Thank you Darlie White Expert for keeping me smiling always!

Darlie Expert White toothpaste will be available in most leading supermarkets, pharmacy and convenience stores.

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