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NARS Cosmetics in Singapore

It’s been 2 years since I first had a mini orgasm when I owned my very first NARS Orgasm blush. From there, I graduated to a Super Orgasm and then placed high stakes on my NARS Casino Bronzer. My collection of NARS cosmetics has steadily grown over the years, through travels, whether my own or friends. But now, there’s one fantastic reason to have an Orgasm to celebrate.

NARS Cosmetics is coming to Singapore!

The kind team sent over some goodies to tease my palette, reminding me how much I love NARS makeup products.

NARS Makeup Singapore

Adding to my collection of NARS makeup is The Multiple – a multi-purpose stick product that can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips and body! It’s won “Best Overall Highlighter” in 2011 in InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys. With a convenient stick packaging and it’s multi-functional use, it’s definitely a clear winner in my books. My iconic Orgasm lipgloss shade now has a newfound friend in another iconic lipgloss shade: Turkish Delight. Not only is this pale pink suited for most skin colours, it’s biggest celebrity endorser is Kim Kardashian. I swear, she has the most perfect makeup almost all of the time and I definitely want what she’s wearing.

NARS Cosmetics Singapore

Pandora (black/white) is one of my all time favourites – and dare I say it, the BEST black eyeshadow I have owned to date. So when I received the NARS Alhambra eyeshadow duo, I had no doubts about the quality of the eyeshadow. It was timely that I received the shimmery gold eyeshadow as I was about to leave for Southern California. The Alhambra eyeshadow was a clear reflection of the Southern Californian summers I personally experienced just last month and it seemed natural to incorporate it into one of makeup face of the days while I was there. I can now safely say I have a strong attachment to my NARS Alhambra eyeshadow.

So, who’s ready for the NARS invasion? Will you be getting any of these iconic NARS makeup products?

NARS Cosmetics will be available in Singapore from November onwards in Tangs Beauty Hall.

  1. Elrica says: September 7, 201211:52 am

    YES!!!! I will be getting NARS collection :)
    Oh thank you so much for this info!

  2. nerissa says: September 7, 20126:54 pm
  3. dweam says: September 16, 20123:13 pm

    nerrisa: Hi dearie, I got the dress from Forever 21 in the States. You might want to try getting it online! Hope this helps!

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