Glitter Gradient Nail Tutorial

After getting my glitter OPI nail polish from the Burlesque Glitter collection, I had to decide what to do with the nail polish. Naturally, I couldn’t let all that crazy glitter go to waste. What was the best way to showcase these obscenely glittery nail polishes? Well, after seeing several glitter gradient nails including Ling’s, I decided to do the same. The entire procedure is rather simple yet the results are absolutely fantastic. Because good things must be shared, here are the steps to my glitter gradient nail tutorial.

What you need for this nail tutorial:
– base coat
– a nude/pale pink nail polish
– fine holographic glitter nail polish
– black nail polish
– top coat

Lastly, the star of the show: OPI Burlesque Glitter Collection nail polish.

OPI Nail Polish Burlesque Collection

You can choose to use whatever colour glitter you want for the tips but I picked Simmer and Shimmer for this look cause I was inspired by Adam Lambert’s awesome blue glitter when I saw him at the F1 Rocks concert. The glittery blue eyeshadow and blue glitter in his hair was nothing but eye-catching. It was a glitter explosion yall! So, we’re gonna invoke some of that glamness onto our nails with the Simmer and Shimmer OPI nail polish.

Nail Tutorial: Glitter Gradient

1) After applying your base coat and the pale pink nail polish to all your nails, dab the black nail polish onto the tips of your nails. You dont have to be neat about this step because in the next step, you’ll cover the black nail polish with glitter. At the end, you’ll realise black polish on the edges help to intensify the glitter gradient nail.

Nail Tutorial: Glitter Gradient

2) Now comes the fun part. Starting from the middle of your nail, spread a thin layer of glitter all the way to the nail tip. Be as light handed as you can for this first layer and dont be afraid if the polish looks thin. The next couple of layers will sufficiently make up for the lack of sparkly.

Nail Tutorial: Glitter Gradient

3) Once the first layer is slightly dry, paint your second coat, focusing the Simmer and Shimmer glitter on the part of the nail with the black nail polish. Sweep a third layer of OPI nail polish just at the nail tips to really pack the glitter at the ends. What I really like about glitter gradient nails is the fact that you never have to be neat! Hahaha!

Nail Tutorial: Glitter Gradient

4) To fully complete the glam glitter experience, apply a layer of fine holographic glitter generously over the entire nail. I used a $2 Daiso glitter nail polish before painting a shiny top coat to seal everything in. Once you’re done with these steps, draw up your darkest eyeliner and say hello to Glambertness!

Sounds simple enough? Ready, get set, glam up your nails!

13 thoughts on “Glitter Gradient Nail Tutorial

  1. Ling: Thanks babe! (: Inspired by your own Glitter Gradient Nail tutorial.

    JiJi: Awww no problem! Glad you like the nail tutorial!

    Wanran: Go try! Let me know how it goes for you :)

    Raine: Haha thanks babe! It’s one of my favourite eyelashes too. :D

  2. It`s simple and easy to understand.thanks for the tutorial!!!Keep it up and continue giving interesting nail tutorial…

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