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Beauty Tips on How to Stay Fresh

As a very very busy beauty blogger, I demand nothing less than always staying fresh. With long working hours, I like to think about how to stay fresh throughout the day to keep myself feeling in tip top condition. I work with children in the day, and you can be pretty sure that requires nothing less than an absolute abundance of energy.

Really, who has the energy to go out after that and how is it possible to stay fresh after such a long day? Even more so when you have your period. Sometimes, it can feel like you have to work your schedule around your period.

But I’ll share with you a secret. The different days of your 28 day cycle actually have certain benefits to your daily life. I previously was one of the Whisper’s Happy It’s Here ambassadors who got some tips and insights into the secrets of the cycle. It showed me how I could maximise the benefits of our cycle! In reality, it’s not that big an inconvenience and you can actually stay fresh and dry throughout the day regardless of your activities. So with what I’ve learnt, I thought I’d share with you some of my beauty tips on how to stay fresh all day, more specifically Ultra Fresh.

1) Water

We all know the benefits of drinking water, and I cannot emphasize how important it is to drink water to keep your skin hydrated and fresh-looking. 2 litres of crystal clear water is the minimum we need a day. But here’s a simple tweak you can make to your lifestyle to help you through your periods: Instead of your usual ice cold water, drink warm water to help reduce those cramps.

2) Keep a bottle of fragrance in your bag

Regardless of wherever I go, I love to keep a bottle of eau de toilette or body mist in my bag. In fact, I have about 2 different scents in my bag at the moment. Whenever I’m in need of a pick-me-up, I just spritz on some of the refreshing mist and I’m ready to face my next challenge! Also, it’s hard not to get some heads turning when I smell this good. ;)

3) Indulge in a little chocolate

Did you know that your body burns carbs the best on the first two days of your period? Yes it’s true! I will personally attest to feeling and looking much skinnier on the first two days of my period. Since your body is metabolising carbs so efficiently, it’s the PERFECT time to indulge in a little bit of delish chocolate. Your body deserves it, really. Go on, one little piece wont hurt.

4) Dance baby, dance!

Exercise helps to chase the blues away. And with Whisper Ultra, I get the freedom of movement without any worries! I feel, clean, dry and fresh all day long. I’m free to turn on my music in my room and dance like no body’s watching. I can break out in whatever funky moves I want without anybody judging! Hahaha. My all time feel-good track? Whitney Houston – Wanna Dance with Somebody

5) Get dressed in your favourite outfit

They say “clothes maketh a man” when it really should be “clothes maketh a WOman“. Dressing in my favourite best outfit never fails to make me happy. But if your period hits and you want to keep yourself looking perfect, Whisper Ultra keeps you fresh throughout the day. When you look good and feel comfortably dry all day, you naturally walk with your head held high. And you can be sure that in the fashion realm, confidence never goes out of style.

  1. Coco says: July 28, 201011:59 am

    Ooh! I didn’t know the period/carbs fact. I’m liking the sound of that…but I eat chocolate way too often haha cannot resist!


  2. Violet says: July 31, 20109:52 am

    Very very good tips! Especially about warm vs cold water, that always helps me out!

  3. dweam says: August 2, 201012:37 am

    Coco: Heehee. I know isnt the period/carbs thing awesome! :P Well, at least we can always take heart in the fact that we’ll still be skinnier the first two days! ;)

    Violet: Awww thank you! Definitely with the warm water. It’s quite a simple beauty tip that changes a lot of things.

  4. Jo.L says: August 3, 201010:50 pm

    I love the way you design this post. Esp the post it note. Did you handdrawn those post it notes or using software?

  5. dweam says: August 8, 201011:28 am

    Jo: Thanks babe! Glad you like the post :) Haha. I used a software for the post it notes.

  6. elyza shen says: August 26, 201010:18 pm

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  8. passerby says: January 14, 20117:47 pm

    what EDT do you use?

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