— Valerie Lim

Basic Make-Up Must Haves Essentials

A beginner without any basic make up know how would probably be mind-boggled by the insane number of cosmetic choices. All that jargon doesnt serve to help make things easier too: foundation, powder, blush, fluid foundation, bronzer, concealer, mascara, lipgloss, lipstick. Who can tell the difference and pick out the basic makeup essentials that every girl should have.

I remember when I first ventured into the field of makeup. I thought, “Wow, where to start. I wish someone had made a guide on what the must-have make up products are.” You will never go wrong with the basic makeup products in your bag. With them essential make up products in my makeup bag, I’d be one step closer to becoming a beauty-holic.

So, I decided to be that person. Just for anyone who needs help starting their makeup collection, this is my list of basic make up must haves I cant live without.

1) Sunblock/Sunscreen
Sunblock isnt exactly the first makeup or beauty product that comes to mind when you think beauty. But it does fall into the category of cosmetics and it a very important one in fact. The sun’s rays are very damaging to our skin and constant exposure without protection can result in premature aging, age spots and blemishes no thanks to UVA and UVB. But protect your skin daily with these sunblocks and your skin will thank you in time to come.

La Roche Posay Sunblock

Recommended sunblock brands:
Bare Minerals Natural Sunscreen SPF 30
Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++
La Roche-Posay Fluid Extreme SPF50+

2) Foundation/Base
A foundation whether in powder, pressed, liquid or mousse format all serve to even out your complexion and create a flawless face. Sometimes foundation is used to alter skin tone but mostly it should blend with your natural skin colour. It also serves as the base for all your other makeup so choose your shade carefully. Test foundation on the edge of your jaw for the closest match.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation

Recommended foundation makeup:
M.A.C Studio Fix Foundation
Everyday Minerals Mineral Foundation
Urban Decay Tinted Moisturiser
Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder

3) A Natural Blush
Warm up your complexion with a natural looking blush. Blushes are meant to mimic the flush of your face; a healthy rush of blood to your cheeks. You’ll look like you got up to something cheeky without actually having to. ;) Applied to the apples of your cheeks, a pink-beige blush helps to add radiance and an instant glow that seems to come from within. Other than perking up an otherwise dull complexion, blushes can be used to contour the face.

NARS Orgasm Blush

Recommended Blushers
NARS Orgasm Blush
M.A.C Pinch-o-Peach
Smashbox OGlow
Benefit Dandelion Blush

4) Lipgloss/lipstick
Lipstick and lipgloss may just be one of the more familiar cosmetics known in the market. Used on your lips, they’re meant to give you a juicy pout, add colour and provide texture to complete your made up face. Sweet pink, vixen red, liquid gold, these babies come in a wide variety of colours. Lipsticks are generally waxy/oily, matte and add colour while lipglosses are as the name suggests, glossier and shinier on the lips. Glosses are meant to leave a wet look on your lips. Bee stung lips anyone?

Red Lipstick

Recommended lipstick/lipgloss products:
Smashbox Oplump
e.l.f Liquid Lipstick
M.A.C Cremesheen Glass
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited

5) Mascara
I LOVE mascara because it never fails to open and bring life to your eyes. Curl your lashes and apply about two coats of mascara to get gorgeous long eyelashes that pretty up your peepers. Most mascaras available on the market coat your lashes with either a lengthening or volumizing formula. These help you achieve eyelashes that would whip up a storm each time you bat your lashes.

Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe Mascara

Recommended Mascaras:
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
Imju Fibrewig Mascara
Maybelline Define-a-Lash Lengthening Mascara
Maybelline Define-a-Lash Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara

6) Eyeliner
Drawn very close to your lash line, eyeliner helps to define your eyes, give depth and even enlarge them. Need an eyeliner tip? Create fantasy looks or simple everyday looks just by changing the strokes. The different types of eyeliner – gel, liquid, pencil, are used because of their varying precision. You know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So get pretty windows that everyone wants to peer into with eyeliner. ;)

Kate Gel Eyeliner

Recommended Eyeliners:
Kate Gel Eyeliner
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner
M.A.C Smoulder Eye Kohl Pencil
Toki Doki Perfetto Eyeliner

This is the basic makeup kit I find absolutely essential; the most basic of make up that you should never be without. Especially when you’re travelling and need to pick the essential makeup, you’ll want to keep these makeup essentials as part of your travel beauty routine so you’ll look your best regardless of where you are!

What are your essential makeup must haves?

  1. ClaireChing says: July 15, 20109:37 am

    Definitely concealor!

  2. ladyironchef says: July 15, 201010:38 am

    Bare-faced! au natural :D

  3. selsel says: July 15, 201010:50 am

    that’s some really red lipstick you’ve got there.

    i think make up must haves are concealer and lip balm!

  4. reneee says: July 15, 201010:57 am

    tinted moisturizer (good replacement for foundation for a less made-up face)
    concealer (esp for those dark eye circles) & for me EYELINER! (unlike most ppl, mascara doesnt work for me though):((

  5. Celina says: July 15, 201011:09 am

    I’d throw in concealer, but only for days when I’ve gotten 4 or less hours of sleep -_-zzZZ

  6. Niki says: July 15, 201011:10 am

    Ooh great post! We have the same make-up basics except I don’t use foundation. Sunblock is a definite must for me. Also, I can’t live without my NARS blush in Orgasm. It just works with all skin tones and gives a natural-looking flush. Love it! For lips I’m trading my red lipstick for more nude shades these days or just sticking to my lipbalm.

  7. LJ says: July 15, 201012:53 pm

    Mascara! But blusher is also a must have

  8. steph says: July 15, 201011:03 pm

    i’ve got quite bad skin yet i’m quite new to make-up, only have bb cream, foundation, eye-liner and eye shadow. combination of bb cream and foundation’s not doing anything to make my skin look nicer):

  9. Maria says: July 16, 201010:30 am

    I better get shopping!

  10. Daphne Maia says: July 16, 20101:34 pm

    next up: tips for removing makeup? :)

  11. Eli says: July 17, 201012:17 pm

    Thank you for this, it’s very informative. I’ve never used makeup, but want to, and I’m much too shy to do much of anything but a minimal amount, so knowing what the right products are is a great relief.

    Oh… are you familiar with the Tokidoki line of makeup products? The eyeliners and eyeshadows are fantastic, and the colors of every product are fun and playful. The packaging is very nice to look at, as well, but I think it’s to be expected from that particular designer.

  12. dweam says: July 18, 201011:29 am

    ClaireChing: I agree concealer as an essential basic make up must have essential is definitely super important!

    ladyironchef: You mean a no-makeup face tutorial? I can has tht! =D

    selsel: Hahaha. Thank goodness the super red lipstick isnt exactly from my makeup essential kit. It’s my mom’s. Wish I could pull it off though.

    renee: I just put Urban Decay’s tinted moisturer as my replacement for my usual foundation. It’s now one of the basic makeup products in my bag I cant live without. Eyeliner is a definite must have too otherwise I look like Im perpetually sleepy. Hahaha.

    Celina: Heehee. Looks like concealer is something we all cant live without. But sleep is nature’s best concealer :P

    Niki: Thanks Niki! Hee. Glad we share the same basic makeup essentials! We even use the same brand of blush: NARS Orgasm! It’s fantastic isnt it? I usually use more nude shades too, but I definitely would love to try red lips one day.

    LJ: Two of the essential make up products every girl should have ;)

    Steph: Oh dear. I think BB cream and foundation shouldnt be used together babe. Personally I think BB cream is already like a foundation, maybe after you apply foundation, you can try using loose powder?

    Maria: Go go! I think the Great Singapore Sale is still on. So go stock up on your makeup essentials!

  13. steph says: July 19, 201011:03 pm

    oh wow. awesome that you replied then(:

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  15. dweam says: July 22, 201010:11 pm

    Daphne Maia: That’s a really good idea! I think I will do just that. ;)

    Eli: Awww.. I’m glad this make up essential post helped you. These basic make up products are definitely a great way to start. :) Let me know if you need more help. I saw the Tokidoki line of products but I didnt get them! I wish I did though. They look uber cute.

  16. niv says: July 25, 201011:30 pm

    hi:)is there a onestop shop in singapore where i can get these products?

  17. dweam says: July 26, 20103:18 pm

    niv: Hello! I think one make up store in Singapore where you can find all these basic essential make up products is Sephora. They are one of the make up stores on my list of Make Up Stores in Singapore.

  18. Amy says: July 27, 20105:45 pm

    I second Daphne’s idea. A post regarding makeup removal would be helpful! For me, a must have would be an eyeliner and lip gloss. But I can’t help but agree with all of the items you have in your post. Those are definite MUST-HAVES.

  19. Karrine says: July 28, 201010:13 am

    i dun have full lashes and my lashes are quite messy…quite long but not curly.
    do u have tips on which curler to use and how to have pretty curled and neat lashes that doesnt clump?

  20. dweam says: August 1, 20106:07 pm

    Amy: Yay! Thanks for your input Amy. I will definitely think about putting up a post on makeup removal. Very important step to keep our skin clear. And glad you agree that these are the basic essential make up must haves! :)

    Karrine: Hello! I use the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and it has worked very well for me so far. In fact, it’s one of the more reputable eye lash curlers around. Clumping of eyelashes would have to do with the type of mascara you use. But if you’re talking about having lashes that dont clump on a daily basis, you can try an eyelash gel to keep your eyelashes in place. :) Hope it helps!

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  23. D says: August 28, 20109:41 pm

    where to get La Roche-Posay Fluid Extreme SPF50+ sunscreen and how much isit?

  24. dweam says: August 29, 20104:39 pm

    D: Hi D, you can get the La Roche-Posay sunscreen from the National Skin Centre. It’s cheaper there. But if you dont want to travel so far, I think most pharmacies should carry it.

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  26. Jascsh says: September 1, 20102:40 pm

    Hello:} May I know how did you manage to buy nars orgasm blush online?
    I went to ebay.com, but they don’t sell this colour at all:(
    The nars cosmetics website don’t import to singapore:(
    Let me know soon:)

  27. dweam says: September 1, 201010:18 pm

    Jascsh: I actually didnt buy them online. I bought from the actual stores. One from the Philippines and the other from New York. They have it here in Singapore in Sephora. Most Sephoras should carry the NARS brand in store. :)

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  35. peachgirl says: January 11, 20118:35 am

    What is your personal foundation…

  36. dweam says: January 16, 20117:28 pm

    peachgirl: I use the one you see in the picture: MAC Studio Fix Foundation. But I also use Urban Decay’s Tinted Moisturiser when I wanted a lighter coverage.

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  38. Florentziaart/ Lina says: April 9, 20113:38 am

    These are mine 8 Must haves Essentials :D

    # Makeup Remover (Yves Rocher or Loreal Waterproof)
    # Sun screen/block (Clinique Redness Solution Daily Protective Base spf15)
    # Concealer (Any mid to high covering kind)
    # Some kind of Eyeliner (Mac fluidline gel eyeliner)
    # Mascara
    # Brow penil/pencil
    # Blush or Bronzer
    # Lipbalm/Chapstick/Vaseline:

    Personally, I don’t think Lipstick/Lipgloss and Foundation is “must have’s”.
    There are some girls who don’t use lipproducts (I do though!)

    I don’t need to use foundation (but I use it for special occassions)
    But I really agree Sunscreen is a must have, regardlless of season.^^
    I use an sunscreen that have a green tint that neutralize redness,
    that and the dark circles are my only problem with my skin, so foundation isn’t needed. :D

  39. jovie says: April 17, 20113:37 pm

    my essentials:
    skinfood tomato sunblock. a must for my everyday use.
    kate undereye covering concealer. its so far, the best concealer i’ve tried
    bobbi brown gel eyeliner. this glides on very easily, and doesnt smudge as much as the maybelline one that i’ve tried, and it kinda last the whole day. :)
    maybelline mascara.
    nyx lipstick
    etude house lipgloss.

    very simple & natural make up. :)

    btw, any recommendations for liquid concealer that is good for covering spots? couldnt find any good and lasting ones. :) thanks in advance! :)

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  42. Anna says: August 16, 20128:14 pm

    Wow I would love the LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil, SGD $26.00 I’m defenately going to shop with my friends!!!

  43. Debbie Navarro says: December 22, 201211:37 pm

    So cute beauty tips. Thanks!

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