— Valerie Lim

vPost Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!

I scrapbooked till my eyes bled. Seriously. Though the templates were almost similar for each page, there are subtle differences. Each page had almost 30 over layers and having to tweak bits and pieces, making sure that THIS did not overlap THAT, nor should THAT layer overlap THIS one was killer when I wasnt working on my big-ass Mac screen.

Because female soccer players are always cool.

Guess what. I stupidly asked Cindy if she was a Malaysia Featured Blogger. DUHHH. I knew I’d seen her face somewhere. She’s the winner of Malaysia Dream Girl contest!

I got a video of her on the stage when she had to catwalk for her lovely Venus costume.

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZs7aim4jIk]

I finally got to meet Audrey aka fourfeetnine in person! She is as cute in person as she is on her blog! And her awesome Bride outfit won her Best Dressed Female! Wo0o0o0ot!

Here’s her on the catwalk parading her costume!


She definitely played the role to a T and deserved to win!

And then there was blogging great, Kenny Sia, who of course needs no introduction, who was cleverly disguised as an Old Man.

In accordance to the Christmas and vPost themed party, there were several Santarinas! A wonderful present to all the guys present.

Typical Ben won the hearts of BOTH males and females alike when he was crowned Best Dressed Male. Haha. I bet he broke several guys’ hearts too when the truth behind the pretty female frame was revealed! He pwns some girls flat! He’s just too pretty!

[youtube= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Pq40jO4UFA]

Him on the catwalk being all sweet and girly. He sure can gelek!

And we all had to keep some good behaviour that day because there were more then enough teachers presents to give out spankings to naughty kids! Bwahahaha!


  1. Chris Thoo says: December 25, 200812:26 am

    hehehhe….very nicely done, val…:)
    thumbs up!

  2. YL says: December 25, 200812:38 am

    woah. nice aye. XD

  3. seraphangel says: December 25, 20081:35 am

    very nice post, perhaps the ‘prettiest’ post I’ve seen so far :D

  4. ling says: December 25, 20084:53 am

    Sarah Palin??????!!!!!

  5. Michael Yip says: December 25, 20088:30 am

    FUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Very chun leh your blog posting. I so jealous. You really put in great effort into the posting.

  6. Sheryl0202 says: December 25, 20089:22 pm

    Hey your scrap book is very nice!!! Good luck with winning the OSIM prizes! I was there the other night too.

  7. Princessa says: December 26, 20084:26 pm

    Omg. Very nice!

    Hurhur. Can I grab the original photo for the Santarinas?

  8. BLue says: December 26, 20086:16 pm

    Nice, very nice. might grab a picture from your post if you don’t mind

  9. mrstea says: December 28, 20087:03 pm

    Hey Valerie..

    Hope that you will win the after party post… the scrapbook are so nicely done.. :) Yeah.. you’re a good student after all.. just remember to study hard and play hard.. muaahhaa :)

  10. Ju Ann says: December 29, 200811:14 am

    hey! i thought i found you familiar at the party! didnt know you were dweam! :)

  11. Josh says: December 29, 20084:27 pm

    Heartless… tsk tsk tsk… No pics of me…

  12. thiang says: January 23, 200912:31 am

    I bet your scrapbooking paid off. I think it’s the best among the three entries won. :)

  13. bathmate says: December 17, 20095:59 am

    nice posting..very nice post, perhaps the ‘prettiest’ post I’ve seen so far


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